Diletta Leotta left Can Yaman because of his lifestyle.

Diletta Leotta left Can Yaman because of his lifestyle.

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman are no longer together but their relationship continues to make people talk. The gossip expert Alessandro Rosica - known on Instagram as Social Investigator - has revealed some alleged background on this liaison in an interview with the weekly Mio. 

According to Rosica between the Turkish actor and the Sicilian conductor, there would have never been anything real if not an agreement for fame and money. An agreement that would have been interrupted earlier than expected because of a certain impatience shown by Leotta towards Can.

Can Yaman's lifestyle

"Both of them were hurt by the way this fake shit broke down, they are on bad terms. They were supposed to do other things but pressured by the gossip they decided to call it quits. They also anticipated the trip to Turkey planned for December: Can's father knew it was fiction, his mother I'm not sure. It was Diletta who said enough because she couldn't take it anymore also because of Can's attitude," assured Rosica. "Yaman has a lifestyle that would not have been tolerated in Turkey. He likes to have fun, sometimes he's a bit excessive, and that's why his best friend and all-around bodyguard is around to take care of him," he added.

Only intimacy between Can and Diletta?

Only intimacy between Can and Diletta?
At Verissimo, Diletta Leotta talked about Can Yaman with bright eyes, suggesting that she still has feelings for the 31-year-old. "It's false", specified Alessandro Rosica, who pointed out that both Diletta and Can would have taken several advantages from this relationship. Sponsors, new work projects, and undoubtedly popularity. "He is a sex symbol, for her, it could be a prestige to be labeled as one of his exes. Also, I know they had intimacy as well, but it was only physical. I was guaranteed by the maids who worked in the hotels where they stayed: they told me, however, that everyone slept in their own room," said the Social Investigator. Will it be true?

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