Is Can Yaman feeling bad after his breakup with Diletta? The backstory: They only made fun of all us

Is Can Yaman feeling bad after his breakup with Diletta? The backstory: They only made fun of all us

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to hold court on the web and on social networks. There are many who wonder what happened after the end of this relationship and why the two broke up at any moment, without giving any kind of explanation to the fans who follow them on social networks. Diletta told her version of the facts to Verissimo while Can Yaman prefers to stay silent and, someone claims that the actor is feeling bad after this breakup. But is it really like that?

To make some 'clarity we thought Alessandro Rosica, who has promptly denied these rumors.

Diletta Leotta confirms the end of her love story with Can Yaman. In detail, Diletta Leotta was the first to break the silence about the end of her relationship with the Turkish actor protagonist of several successful soaps.

The sports anchorwoman, interviewed at Verissimo, admitted that they did things too fast and for this reason they "crashed", realizing that they could no longer continue this path together.

Diletta visibly moved and almost in tears, did not hide that theirs was a great love and that today she would not yet permanently cancel this feeling.

Is Turkish actor Can Yaman feeling bad after his breakup with Diletta?

A different situation, instead, regarding Can Yaman: the Turkish actor did not say a word about what happened and remained in religious silence. In the last weeks, however, some pictures of Can have come out and, according to the newspapers, he was crying because of the end of his relationship with the sportswoman.

But is it really so? Can Yaman doesn't talk about Diletta because he is suffering for the end of this relationship? Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, in a recent interview, clarified these rumors circulating around the Turkish actor.

Rosica's backstory on the breakup between Can and Diletta

"A nonsense," blurted Rosica commenting on the rumors that Can is feeling bad for Leotta. At the same time, however, the gossip expert underlined the fact that both were hurt by the way this story was interrupted and made it known that they would be on "bad terms".

In short, according to Alessandro Rosica, the two would not be suffering for this break-up and both would have moved on by now. "They have fooled us all to make money on it", Rosica said, convinced that this love story between Can and Diletta has been created at the table so that the two could obtain advantages.

"Sponsors, projects", revealed Rosica thus claiming that both would have gained from this situation.

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