On the set of #ViolaComeIlMare with FrancescaChillemi and CanYaman

On the set of #ViolaComeIlMare with FrancescaChillemi and CanYaman

The new fiction In Palermo, the shooting of 'Viola come it mare, the new Mediaset fiction with Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman produced by Lux Vide with RTI and based on the novel "Do you know the summer? 'by Simona Tanzini (Sellerio). And the city is in turmoil: the fans of Can, the Turkish actor protagonist of many successful soap operas, are stationed under his hotel and Francesca's fans are looking for sallies with the beloved Azzurra deb/lay God help us.' We at Sorrisi certainly could not escape a visit to the set, to tell you all the details, and the chosen one is me who was born and raised there in Palermo. Said and done, let's go. 

The appointment is at the 'base camp' where we are in the dressing rooms: here, equipped with a Green pass, with the photographer Iwan Palombi we undergo the swab to enter among the insiders. Today we shoot two scenes, one of Francesca from the first episode and one of Can, for the fourth episode.

The story is fascinating: she is Viola Vitale, a girl who arrives from Paris to Sicily in search of her father and starts working as a journalist in an online editorial office. He is Francesco Demir, chief inspector of a Turkish father and an Italian mother, who fights against injustices. 

If Damir has an extraordinary flair for investigations, Viola can count on the 'superpower of synesthesia: she associates colors with emotions and immediately perceives the soul of whoever is in front of her. A couple that sparkles in the script. Will you also be in tune with the performers? 

We bet, Yes. The first take of the morning is for Can Yaman. We are in Arenella, a seaside village on the outskirts of Palermo. There is a unique panorama. you can smell the sea and admire the Pali: cull del Quattro Pizza and the trap of the Florio, one of the richest families of merchants in Italy between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Can posing on the dock is very handsome. tanned, tall, muscled. 

When you take off your leather jacket ... the sun comes out. Too bad the day is capacious: the mistral wind swells the sea and the clouds that come and go mess up the plans of the director Francesco Vicano, who remakes the scene indefinitely because there is never the same light Better this way, I tell myself, that I can see and see Can in action. His line is, 'Not so fast! On such an exciting set, it becomes a nice catchphrase.

For Can, acting in Italian is a great challenge: "I train with tongue twisters," he says. And he also learns dialects. With the Roman dialect, he is already ahead: a red kitten passes by and he calls it «roscetto.. This is due to the 'great family" of production- technicians, make-up artists, parmucchiera, costume designer. they are almost all Roman. Amezzogiomo someone growls with hunger. The actor Giovanni Nasta, who plays the deputy inspector Turi D'Agata, is confident that he would get a drip of sfincio (a pizza with tomato, anchovies, onion, and caciocavallo cheese), while the actress Chiara Tron, alias Tamara Graziosi, a colleague of Viola, is crazy about bread and panelle (chickpea flour pancakes).

However, the 'baskets' only arrive at two in the afternoon and the white rice and cod in glass jars leave a little bitterness in the mouth ... Francesca Chillemi skips the break. I'll make up for it next weekend: I'll go home to Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME) and mum will prepare me a proper lunch!". 

Now it's up to her to turn, on the terrace of the Spizio Marino, on the slopes of Monte Pellegrino. Ironically, her first line is, 'Couldn't you slow down?' Again there seems to be a timing issue on set. And the weather: it starts to rain and umbrellas and makeshift awnings open. We take the opportunity to chat with the stars. 

In the coming weeks, you will be reading their interviews. Then a scream calls everyone back to the fighting posts: 'Motoreeer Francesca sighs a 'goodbye and runs to drag a large suitcase for the fifth time (between the field and the reverse in the shots you have to reach perfection). 

While Can, like that great seducer he is, winks and whispers, in perfect Sicilian: -What a camurria! I (What a nuisance) "...And I, struck in the heart, take home this service and his splendid smile. 

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