Who is Giacomo Cavalli, Diletta Leotta's possible new boyfriend? From athlete to model

Who is Giacomo Cavalli, Diletta Leotta's possible new boyfriend? From athlete to model

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta has been over for a while now and for the sports anchorwoman, it seems that the time has come to try to move on. In these hours, the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, has launched the scoop related to the alleged flirtation between Diletta and the young athlete Giacomo Cavalli, who apparently could be the new flame of the beautiful presenter who had made the Turkish actor, protagonist of several successful television series, lose his head.

After the farewell with Can Yaman, a new love for Diletta Leotta?

In detail, Alessandro Rosica on social launched the scoop of this weekend related to Diletta Leotta who, currently, is on vacation with a group of friends in Ibiza.

Taking advantage of the fact that this weekend there are no appointments with the Serie A soccer championship, the presenter has chosen to take a break and has done so by allowing herself a few days of absolute relaxation in the beautiful Spanish island.

Apparently, however, with her, there would also be the young Giacomo Cavalli who, according to Rosica, could be the new flame and therefore the new possible boyfriend of the ex-woman of Can Yaman.

Giacomo Cavalli, here is who is the new alleged flame of Diletta

The gossip expert, on social networks, let us know that the two would have been spotted together super close in Milan and, currently, they would be together in Ibiza. But who is Giacomo Cavalli, the new possible boyfriend of the sport anchorwoman symbol face of Dazn?

Age 27 years. Graduated in Economics and Business Management. Athlete and sportsman since he was a boy, Giacomo admitted in an interview some time ago that his career as a model began by chance, when he was mistaken for Simon Nisson in an airport, and from that moment he was advised to pursue a career in fashion. At first, however, Giacomo preferred not to give weight to that advice: his dream was to participate in the Rio Olympics, for which he was training, doing a sailing camp for the Italian National Team.

Giacomo Cavalli's career in fashion and his passion for surfing

Afterward, however, Cavalli really approached the world of fashion: thanks to his departure from the world of sailing, he decided to devote himself body and soul to his career as a model. A great fan of surfing, Giacomo said he is a very sporty person but does not follow a particular diet.

One of his dreams would be to become an actor and to be known more and more not only for his physical appearance but also for his artistic skills.

"I try to eat well, but that doesn't mean not eating," Cavalli stated.

His slogan? "Listen to your heart, it knows all things," taken from the book The Alchemist by Coelho.

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