A Vicenza man on the set with Chillemi and Yaman

A Vicenza man on the set with Chillemi and Yaman

Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman on the set of the fiction "Viola come it mare" and, on the right, the Thienese actor Davide Dolores 

The Thienese actor Davide Dolores in these days is in the company of the Turkish star Can Yaman and the former Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi on the Roman set of the new Mediaset series, "Viola come it mare", produced by Lux Vide, which will debut on Channel 5 in a few months. The fiction, based on the novel "Get to know the summer" by Simona Tanzini, combines the light tones of comedy with the atmosphere of the Mediterranean yellow. 

The protagonist, played by Chillemi, is called Viola and is a Roman journalist transplanted to Palermo. She suffers from synaesthesia, a perception disorder that leads her to associate sounds and colors with people, who appear to her wrapped in colored auras that betray her deepest emotions. In addition to this, she is suffering from a degenerative disease, which further conditions her life. After the murder of a girl, Viola discovers that she has investigative skills and she begins to investigate the incident together with policeman Zelig, played by Can Yaman. In this story Dolores is doctor Pierangelo Aiello, the neurologist who treats the protagonist. To get the part, the Thienese actor had to participate in several auditions: "I auditioned this summer for two different roles, both protagonists of the episode, which were assigned to other actors. 

Knowing me, however, the production then directly proposed this role to me ». Dolores can use her Trapani origins to give a slight Sicilian accent to her character, who appears in several episodes. Filming will then continue for several weeks. "The experience is positive. It is a relaxed and welcoming set, where I feel comfortable. Everyone involved is kind and helpful, "says Dolores. This is a particularly prolific period for him who in recent months shot a scene in London for the series "Devils" which will be released next year on Sky. In order to participate, he had to do a two-week quarantine, which according to the actor "was a real inner experience". 

In October he then flew to Germany, where he was hired for the short film by Oliver Bernotat "Awake", which deals with the theme of microsleeps while driving. For the shoot, Dolores got into a futuristic prototype of a car equipped with a special sensor that senses the driver's fatigue. The film is in post-production and is made with the involvement of the prestigious Munich film school, where Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog graduated. 

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