Burak Deniz responds for the first time about his breakup with Didem Soydan: "Are we retarded?"

Burak Deniz responds for the first time about his breakup with Didem Soydan: "Are we retarded?"

A month after confirming his breakup with model Didem Soydan, Burak Deniz had a disagreement with the press outside a shop in Etiler. As soon as he left, the journalists waiting for him at the door approached him to ask him if his ex's publications had caused the breakup. Visibly uncomfortable with the questions, the protagonist of 'Our Story' answered "It doesn't even matter. Are we retarded?", he replied to the press. 

The actor was accompanied out of the premises

This is the first time that the actor has spoken out about their breakup, which according to the Turkish press was caused by a picture in a topless published by the model and that would have annoyed the actor. But these annoying questions were not the only thing that bothered him. According to several media, the actor, who is very discreet with his personal life, was leaving the place accompanied by two friends and would have been surprised by the cameras so he would have finally gone alone to the car waiting for him at the door.

The love story of Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan

Burak Deniz put an end to the relationship he had for almost two years with Didem Soydan a little over a month ago and after a complicated summer in which they were involved in rumors of a breakup due to the alleged jealousy of the model, who did not like Burak's new professional partner, actress Alina Boz. 

Despite everything, the couple managed to get through the summer and confirmed in networks that they were still together and in love. However, the happiness did not last long. In October rumors of a breakup gained momentum. According to the website 'Dizi Doktoru' a topless photograph of the model would have been the trigger for the breakup. Apparently, the actor starring in 'Our Story' did not like that his girlfriend shared this image and there would have started the estrangement that would end with a breakup confirmed with the removal by the actor of the photos he had with the model on his Instagram profile.

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