Burak Özçivit responds to colleagues who have brought suit against him: These are actions aimed at humiliating .

Burak Özçivit responds to colleagues who have brought suit against him: These are actions aimed at humiliating .

Two weeks after the lawsuit filed by several members of the team of the series 'Kuruluş: Osman' was made public, Burak Özçivit, through his lawyer, has released a statement in which he responds to the accusations made against him and for which he will have to go to trial to be held soon as confirmed by several Turkish media. 

Through a statement that Serkan Toper, Özçivit's lawyer, who is accused of having uttered serious insults against some colleagues, denies the facts of which his client is accused and confirms that they will go ahead with the judicial process until the truth comes to light. "This press release has become necessary to prevent efforts to create an unfair impression about my client, Burak Özçivit, and to correctly inform the public. The complainants abused their constitutional right to file a complaint," the statement begins.

In the statement issued by the lawyer of the 'Kara Sevda' protagonist, it is insisted that the sole aim of the complainants has been to obtain financial gain. "As a result of fictitious claims presented to the judicial authorities, astronomical amounts were demanded from the client," said the lawyer, who assured in his statement that when the economic benefit sought was not obtained, the information was leaked to the press. "When these demands were not met, my client's reputation was attacked with false statements to the public opinion". 

According to the counsel, with these statements, the only thing sought was to humiliate and undermine his reputation with false accusations. "The abuse of the right to denounce are actions aimed at humiliating the person with unjust behavior knowing his innocence and obtaining unjust benefits. The legal order does not protect the abuse of a right. The right to complain has been abused and turned into an unjust act against my client, which is also against the rules of honesty," he has pointed out in the brief.

Finally, Burka Özçivit's lawyer has shown his confidence in justice and that eventually, the truth will come out. "We firmly believe that the truth will emerge as a result of the trial and that the truth will prevail against opportunism and unfounded claims. The truth is like the sun. It will come out when the time is right," he concluded.

Plaintiffs seek jail for the actor

Although it is only now that the lawsuit has seen the light of day, the complaint was filed on December 8, 2020, in Beykoz. According to what has transpired, the plaintiffs (three-camera assistants and the director of photography) claim that the actor insulted them seriously. A version that has been supported by several witnesses. 

After the lawsuit was filed, the file was referred to the mediator as it was considered that the alleged offense was within his scope of action. However, this mediation process was rejected so that the accusation was finally accepted by the Criminal Court of First Instance of Beykoz, where the trial against the actor, for whom a sentence of four years and one month is requested, will be held soon.  

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