Can Yaman and Chillemi, Chi's scoop: weekend together in her house (Photo)

Can Yaman and Chillemi, Chi's scoop: weekend together in her house (Photo)

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi have immediately shown a certain feeling on the set of Viola come il mare. According to the latest indiscretions of the weekly magazine Chi, this feeling would go beyond the scripts they share: in fact, the weekly magazine publishes exclusive images of the two actors who would have spent a ''clandestine weekend'' together in the same house: the Roman home of the actress. The two have been captured, despite their attempt not to give the eye.

Chi's exclusive photos: the clandestine weekend of Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi

The weekly magazine directed by Signorini, on newsstands from Wednesday, November 17, publishes exclusive photos of the weekend spent together as stowaways by the two protagonists of Viola come il mare. Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi were photographed last weekend, while they were going out separately and well hidden by a hood, mask, and sunglasses, from the same door of the building in Rome where the actress lives. On Friday evening, Can Yaman arrived at Francesca Chillemi's house and the latter later went out for a quick shopping spree. The following morning, Can Yaman came out from the same house and was recognized and photographed, despite his attempts to hide, pulling his dark hood, sunglasses, and mask over his face.

The actor, holding a duffel bag, was expected in the car by his friend and roommate in Rome, Roberto Macellari, who then accompanied him home carrying the duffel bag.

Francesca Chillemi returns to Rome on Sunday evening, followed by Can Yaman who escapes the paparazzi

Before the departure of Can, accompanied by Roberto Macellari, Francesca Chillemi was already out of the house: the actress, at dawn, had left by train to reach her partner Stefano Rosso and their daughter Rania in Milan, with whom she would have spent the weekend.

Chillemi returned to her home in Rome on Sunday evening and after a while, Can Yaman arrived, who, having probably sensed that he had been photographed previously, escaped the paparazzi flashes this time by going into the actress' building quickly and leaving quickly on Monday morning. To betray the fact that the Turkish actor had spent the night in the house of his colleague there is Yaman's duffel bag that in the late morning is taken away by Francesca's assistant.

Can's presumed flirtation with Maria Giovanna Adamo

The exclusive photos of Can and Francesca in her Roman palace have aroused many surprises, given the recent flirtation attributed to Can with the model and actress Maria Giovanna Adamo, whom he would have met on the set of Viola come il mare. This flirtation has been denied by the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica who has repeatedly stated that the Turkish actor is single. To date, the person directly concerned has not expressed himself on either the one or the other alleged relationship.

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