Can Yaman and Chillemi together at the party for the fiction Blanca: the complicity grows

Can Yaman and Chillemi together at the party for the fiction Blanca: the complicity grows

We can't say if it's an artistic affinity, a friendship or a flirtation but what is certain is that there is growing attention on the evident complicity that unites Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi. The two actors are currently working on the set of 'Viola come il mare' (Violet like the sea), but a spark may have appeared between them. To 'put the flea in the ear' to the fans of the Turkish actor was the weekly Chi in its latest issue has shown shots in which you see Can leaving the home of his colleague well covered by a hood on his head.

The magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini reports that Yaman would have spent two nights at the home of Chillemi, who, however, has had a partner for several years, to whom, among other things, he also has a daughter. The two actors, despite these rumors of gossip about them, have not given up on coming together to the party in honor of the fiction Blanca that will be broadcast on Raiuno.

Can and Francesca arrive together at the party

To show the video that immortalizes Can and Francesca arriving together at the party for Blanca, a TV series produced by Lux Vide that will be aired next November 22, it was the Instagram profile of RTL 102.5. The two actors are currently at the center of gossip: it has made its way, after the scoop launched by Chi, of a possible flirtation between the two.

But if Can is single after the end of his relationship with Diletta Leotta, it is not the same for the former Miss Italy that today is still engaged. Neither of the two have directly exposed themselves on the rather delicate issue, but maybe arriving together at the party, Yaman and Francesca wanted to show that they have nothing to hide.

The complicity between the two is definitely there but it could be linked to the affinity born on the set. Moreover, it should be noted that the party was organized by the same production company that is taking care of the filming of 'Viola come il mare', a fiction that sees Can and Francesca as the main actors. Lux Vide is also in charge of 'Sandokan', whose shooting has been postponed but which will see the Turkish actor as the leading actor.

Can's troubled love life

The relationship with Diletta has been analyzed by gossip magazines in every little development. There were many who believed that the actor and the DAZN journalist were only looking for visibility. Then came the marriage proposal as if to disprove all the insinuation but as fast as the spark between the two has gone out. Last summer the break up and since then both have been attributed to various flirtations but the possibility that with Francesca there may be a link that goes beyond the work in recent days has made fast way.

Meanwhile, Can has announced the release of his first book in which he will tell his story without filters. Will he also tell the truth about his current love situation? His fans are just waiting to know if Can's heart has returned to beat for another woman.

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