Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, Rosica: 'They were the right people at the wrong time'

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, Rosica: 'They were the right people at the wrong time'

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir ended up again at the center of the Gossip because of some statements released by Alessandro Rosica. In the last few days, in fact, the celebrity gossip expert has anticipated to his followers that he has information about the two Turkish actors and that, soon, he will reveal more details about the couple that made millions of fans dream.

According to Alessandro, the protagonist of Viola come il mare and Demet would have been the right people at the wrong time, announcing that he has more news about them and, that soon, he would reveal them.

Can Yaman and the bond with Demet Özdemir

Can and Demet starred together in DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreaming and, episode after episode, fans of the Turkish soap hoped that the two actors of Can and Sanem, even in reality, could get engaged.

Rosica, who recently traveled to Turkey, published a post on his Instagram profile, featuring a video of Yaman and Özdemir, in which the two colleagues were happy and smiling. Alessandro added a caption below the clip, anticipating his fans a little more about the bond between the two Turkish actors.

Rosica's backstory: Can Yaman Demet Özdemir were the right people at the wrong time

Alessandro Rosica, in a few days, will reveal a scoop on DayDreamer's protagonists and, before doing so, he made statements about Can and Demet, writing: ''They were the right people, unfortunately for them, it was the wrong time''.

The gossip expert, moreover, added that the working career, sometimes, would put people in front of drastic choices, hinting to be in possession of other information about the couple. In this regard, in fact, Alessandro said: ''Sometimes, the career puts you in front of really drastic choices''. Rosica did not add further details about what might have happened, in the past, between the two colleagues.

Fans still hope

During the airing of DayDreamer, viewers hoped that what they saw in the soap would also happen to Can and Sanem. Rosica's words, at the moment, would suggest that something, some time ago, happened between the two actors, without specifying what.

According to the gossip expert, Yaman and Özdemir would have had to make drastic decisions for work reasons. We just have to wait for the next scoop by Alessandro Rosica, to find out what really happened to the two actors and if, between them, there was in the past a sentimental relationship or not.

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