Can Yaman and Diletta, post goodbye backstory: 'They don't say hello anymore, they have new escapades'

Can Yaman and Diletta, post goodbye backstory: 'They don't say hello anymore, they have new escapades'

Can Yaman continues to be at the center of media attention for the end of his relationship with Diletta Leotta. Since the two said goodbye, the sports presenter has been the only one to have broken the silence, revealing on television the reasons that led them to end their relationship. The Turkish actor, however, preferred not to release any kind of statement, entrenching himself in a religious silence. And so, fans are still hoping for a flashback between Can and Diletta even if the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, says that this will not happen.

The goodbye between Can and Diletta and the actor's silence

In detail, Diletta Leotta was the first to shed light on the end of her relationship with Turkish actor Can Yaman.In an interview a few weeks ago at Verissimo, the presenter admitted that she was no longer engaged to the Turkish star who has bewitched and conquered our country.

The reason? According to Diletta, even though there was a great passion between them, they had done things a little too fast and, in the long run, this led them to break off their relationship and then say goodbye permanently.

Can and Diletta return of flame? Fans of the couple still hope so

The Turkish actor, on social networks but also on newspapers, has preferred to completely avoid making any kind of statement about the breakup with the beautiful sportswoman who had kidnapped his heart. A silence that, on the one hand, still leaves open the hope of some fans to see a future flashback between Can and Diletta.

But what is the truth of the facts? Will there really be a return together for this couple that has inflamed the gossip of summer 2021? Can Yaman, on the other hand, has never said a word about what happened with Diletta.

The back story on Can Yaman and Diletta after the definitive breakup

This is the question that fans have asked gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, one of the first to have announced the end of the relationship between Can and Diletta, later confirmed by the hostess herself in the living room of Canale 5.

Well, according to Rosica, this flashback will not be there, since about two months after the end of their relationship, Can and Diletta would also have taken off the greeting. "Diletta and Can are not getting back together. They don't even exchange greetings anymore. He already has new escapades. So does she," wrote the gossip expert on social, confirming in fact that both would already be "engaged" in new relationships that, However, it seems to understand are not official.

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