Can Yaman and Diletta pretended? Ferrari's dig: 'With the Turkish guy there never was'

Can Yaman and Diletta pretended? Ferrari's dig: 'With the Turkish guy there never was'

Did Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta pretend during the months in which they were together and professed to be in love? This is the doubt that arises after the new declarations of the sports journalist Paola Ferrari who, in a recent radio interview, put in doubt one of the most discussed love stories of the last period, but which came to the end of the line to the surprise of everyone, much sooner than expected.

The goodbye between Can Yaman and Diletta and the silence

In detail, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have held court for the whole summer on the various gossip magazines with the events of their sentimental relationship. The two of them have filled the pages of several weekly gossip magazines, thanks to the fact that the Turkish actor seemed to have serious intentions with the sportswoman and dreamed of getting married with her as soon as possible.

A dream that, however, was interrupted in mid-August, when Can and Diletta have lost their social traces and then in mid-September, the sportswoman has broken the silence, confirming for the first time the end of her relationship with the Turkish actor, star of several successful TV series.

Paola Ferrari's harsh dig at the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta

Well, since then, Can and Diletta have never been seen together again: the Turkish actor has chosen the path of silence and has not given any kind of interview, preferring to keep quiet about the reasons that led him to break up with the beautiful presenter, the symbol of Dazn.

In these hours, however, to hold the stage are some statements of the sports journalist Paola Ferrari, who returned to talk about the couple that has inflamed the summer gossip, questioning the veracity of this feeling. According to Ferrari, in fact, Can and Diletta Leotta would have pretended and in reality, the two would never have been a real couple, as it appeared on social networks and in newspapers.

'Diletta has never been with the Turkish', Ferrari reveals

" But with her Turkish boyfriend there was never Leotta, she has another love that she never mentions before. And of course, I know, but I can not say more," revealed the Rai sportswoman who has launched this heavy dig at Can and Diletta.

When they asked her who was Diletta's new flame and if it is really a guy who works in the fashion world, Paola Ferrari said: "Let's just say that he is not in fashion but in sport". Statements that have not gone unnoticed by the fans of the couple Can-Diletta: will the two reply to this umpteenth joke? We will find out in the coming hours.

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