Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, backstage: 'Weekend as stowaways in the same house'

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, backstage: 'Weekend as stowaways in the same house'

Can Yaman continues to be at the center of Gossip. This time, however, the actor is not talking about his failed love story with Diletta Leotta, but rather for a suspicious sighting in the company of actress Francesca Chillemi, with whom he is sharing the set of the fiction "Viola come il mare" that will soon be broadcast on Canale 5. According to the backstage reported on the pages of Chi, a magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, the two spent a weekend together as "clandestine".
Flirt in progress between Can Yaman and actress Chillemi after the farewell with Diletta Leotta? The scoop of Chi
In detail, Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi in this period are spending a lot of time together, as they are both busy with the filming of the fiction "Viola come il mare", which will be aired in 2022 in prime time on Canale 5.

A very ambitious product and awaited by the public, which has sparked the spark between Can and the former Miss Italy: between the two, in fact, there would be a great feeling on the set even if, until now, there has always been talk of professional relationship and friendship between the two.

Yet, to make everything particularly "peppery", we thought the magazine directed by Signorini, which this week published an exclusive report on the couple, which would be caught together while leaving the actor's house hooded.

The backstory on Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi: here's how they were caught
"Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi: a weekend together as stowaways," headlines the social page of the magazine directed by Grande Fratello Vip 6's presenter. "In Rome they would have spent two nights in the same house. They saw each other just as friends or is there something more?", this is what is written on the social page of the weekly gossip magazine.

In short, Can and the beautiful Francesca Chillemi would have spent two nights together and, not to be caught by the paparazzi and then to escape the prying eyes of photographers, they would then leave the Roman home "disguised" so as not to arouse suspicion and avoid being caught.

The silence of Francesca and Can on social media after the paparazzi 'clandestine'
What's going on between the two? The actress Francesca Chillemi, in fact, is not single but happily married for a few years.Could it be that the set of "Viola come il mare" is proving to be a good match for the two protagonists of this new fiction?

At the moment, both Can and Francesca have not yet commented on the exclusive scoop of the weekly magazine directed by Signorini, but it is not excluded that they may do so in the coming hours, so as to make a little 'clarity.

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