Can Yaman, backstory after goodbye with Diletta Leotta: 'He came out of a stormy tunnel'

Can Yaman, backstory after goodbye with Diletta Leotta: 'He came out of a stormy tunnel'

Does Can Yaman have a new girlfriend? This is the latest Gossip tidbit that revolves around the Turkish actor protagonist of several successful television series aired on Canale 5. A period that has seen Can constantly at the center of media attention, primarily for the end of his relationship with the sportswoman Diletta Leotta, who on TV confirmed the final breakup. Yet according to the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, the rumors of a new love for Can, would not be true at all.
The goodbye between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
A few weeks ago, Diletta Leotta chose to break the silence and confirm the end of her relationship with the Turkish star who has conquered and bewitched the Italian public.

A love that, throughout the summer, has filled the front pages of the weekly gossip magazines: the two have been constantly at the center of attention also accomplices the rumors of a possible marriage on the way. However, an idyll that was broken at the end of this summer, when Can and Diletta took two different roads.

New love for Can Yaman after Diletta?
From that moment on, the Turkish actor chose not to talk anymore about the end of his relationship with the sportswoman, maintaining a religious silence. However, in these last weeks, rumors about a new love for Can have been spreading. It would be the young Maria Giovanna Adamo, that the actor would have known on the set of the fiction " Viola come il mare ", which will be aired during 2022 in primetime on Canale 5.

According to reports from the pages of the weekly magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, between Can and Maria Giovanna would be flirting, also accomplices of the loving shots that the girl has published a few days ago, to celebrate the birthday of the Turkish actor.

The backstory of Rosica on Can Yaman post-breakup with Diletta Leotta
But what is the truth of the facts? Does Can Yaman really have a new love or not? The gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, on his Instagram profile, has categorically denied these rumors.

According to Rosica, in fact, Can and Maria Giovanna Adamo would not be a couple at all and the girl would be marching on this story, as well as all those who support the fact that between the actor and this girl there is tenderness.

"You are inventing, pointing to a relationship to a guy who recently came out of an ugly and stormy tunnel. You are inventing a relationship," blurted harshly Rosica who thus denied the rumors of this new flirtation for Can Yaman.

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