Can Yaman, fans' invasion in front of his door: Diletta's ex would be 'desperate'

Can Yaman, fans' invasion in front of his door: Diletta's ex would be 'desperate'

Can Yaman continues to be powerfully at the center of the media scene. This time the actor found himself forced to deal with an invasion of fans, reported by his press office, which asked for some respite to the many admirers of the Turkish star, ex-boyfriend of Diletta Leotta, who would begin to be desperate for the situation that has emerged.

Can Yaman is invaded by fans but the actor would be desperate

In detail, since his first arrival in Italy, Can Yaman has been welcomed as a real star in our country, idolized and praised by the many fans who follow him in all his movements around Italy.

The Turkish actor, however, would begin to be fed up with a situation that is getting out of hand to his own fans, as reported by the press office of the Turkish star.It seems, in fact, that in the last period the manifestations of affection of some of his admirers have become a little too pressing towards the actor. Can Yaman, in fact, would find himself having to deal with the presence of supporters and fans at all hours of the day, even outside the door of his house.

The ex of Diletta would find his fans outside the door of his house

In short, contrary to what happened until recently, Can Yaman would find his fans not only in his house waiting for a photo or an autograph, but there would be an invasion outside his door. The press office of the ex-boyfriend of Diletta Leotta has also let it be known that very often there are those who come to ring the Turkish actor's doorbell in the middle of the night to ask him to say hello.

In short, a situation that would have become, to say the least, unbearable for the Turkish actor who, although grateful for the love and affection he receives from his fans, would no longer appreciate such oppressive manifestations.

"These manifestations do not mean affection but intrusiveness," the press office of the Turkish actor has made known, emphasizing the fact that Can should feel protected in our country primarily by his own admirers, which would not be happening at this time.

There is talk of a new flirt for Can Yaman after Diletta

Will the Turkish actor's supporters and fans be able to calm down and avoid invading the actor's private space?

Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve, Can in recent hours has returned to the center of attention for an alleged flirtation with the young Maria Giovanna Adamo. The two would have met on the set of the fiction "Viola come il mare" and according to the rumors reported by Signorini's magazine, there would be some tenderness between the two.

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