Can Yaman mania, here's why fans love it

Can Yaman mania, here's why fans love it

A star who doesn't pose as one. This is one of the reasons for Can Yaman's planetary success. The relationship with the fans is a real job for him. In these days, as is well known, the Turkish actor is in Palermo for the filming of the fiction "Viola come il mare" and, between one take and another, he loves to dedicate time to his admirers. For those who have always followed Can Yaman, this is nothing new.

The star doesn't hide from his public but loves to mingle with the crowd, aware of the fact that every relationship, to be long-lasting, must be cultivated day by day. That's what Yaman is doing in the Sicilian capital but previously he had already done it in Rome, as well as in every other Italian city and not in which he stayed for work or vacation.

Can has no problem geolocating himself in the hotels where he stays and in the clubs where he prefers ordinary tables to private ones. In short, he loves to make the "work" easy for his admirers. His availability to fans knows no bounds and it is precisely this feature to make him beloved in every part of the globe. Proof of this are the countless fanpages born on social networks to support and follow him in all his adventures.

"You are adorable, I always welcome you," wrote yesterday the Turkish star on Instagram immortalizing in a Story the fans who every day wait for him in the street, in front of Palazzo Sitano, the hotel located in the historic center of Palermo elected his headquarters.

In the evening, the scenario does not change. On the contrary, the area, full of clubs, is even more populated. His supporters know very well that sooner or later the actor will leave the hotel to go to dinner.

Last night it was Can himself to celebrate them immortalizing them in a souvenir photo. "Leaving the hotel to go to dinner with my Sicilian family," he wrote in the caption. And then off he ran to the Seven Restaurant, on the rooftops of Palermo, where he entertained with his crew.

"After a day he is tired", "Some fans were waiting for his arrival, he definitely needs to rest. He is constantly working and dedicating hours and hours of photos and videos for all his fans but sometimes you have to understand that he is not just Can Yaman the actor but a human as well", "Respect first of all. He's not on vacation, he's working, he needs to rest like all human beings", "A little understanding and respect. What the heck," wrote some admirers on social in recent days.

Yesterday at the door of Can Yaman's hotel room knocked Chiara, a small fan who has seen "Daydreamer" as many as 11 times to whom the actor granted photos, autographs, and a video greeting for the teacher. "I had a special visit. Children help to smile and dream, thank you, Chiara," wrote the Turkish star accompanying the clip documenting the tender encounter.

"Hi how are you doing? Are you happy? So am I! Shall we take a picture?" he told the little girl. Then Yaman had the baby's mother approach as well, "You can come."

"I thank you because you made a dream come true for my little girl," the woman said, "Chiara is the only child who instead of playing video games watches 'God Help Us' and 'Daydreamer.' She likes you because in addition to being a good actor you are a humble person. I wish you all the best in the world and to have a great future because you are a special person".

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