Can Yaman, Rosica on father: 'He drinks and hangs out with his son's 20-year-old followers' (Video)

Can Yaman, Rosica on father: 'He drinks and hangs out with his son's 20-year-old followers' (Video)

Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica expressed his opinion about Can Yaman's father. On the occasion of the birthday of his son, who turned 32 years old last November 8, Guven Yaman wished him well by posting a video on Instagram in the company of a woman. Rosica immediately reposted the recording saying his opinion on the habits of Yaman's father. The video in question was later removed by Yaman's father and also by many other fan pages of the actor.

Can Yaman's birthday and the many wishes he received: the actor turned 32 years old

The famous Turkish actor, Can Yaman, turned 32 years old on November 8. Many of the most important people in his life wished him the best wishes recently on Instagram. Among them was Yaman's mother, Guldem Can, who posted a photo of Can as a child with the caption, "Distance comes closer where hearts are united. My beautiful-hearted son, I embrace you with longing. May you have a healthy and happy age."

The video of wishes of Can Yaman's father
Can Yaman's father, Guven Yaman, also posted a video on his profile wishing his son a happy birthday, but then removed it. Guven wishes his son a happy birthday, toasting with a young woman who is presumed to be his new partner, given the assiduous presence of the same on the man's profile.

The following is the video in question, then reposted by other pages:

Rosica's comment on the video of Yaman's father and the yellow of the removal of the video

It is not known the reason why Yaman's father removed the video of wishes nor why they removed it later from other fan pages. The gossip expert Alessandro Rosica reposted the video shared by one of the fan pages of the TV series that made Yaman famous, Erkenci Kus. Also, such a fan page has subsequently removed such a video.

Rosica's comment, referring to Guven Yaman was: "Poor man, the hidden shame of Can Yaman. The father drinks heavily practically every day and has always dated his son's followers, often in their twenties".

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