Can Yaman, Strazzeri against some fans: 'These demonstrations don't mean affection'

Can Yaman, Strazzeri against some fans: 'These demonstrations don't mean affection'

Can Yaman has been living in Italy since the beginning of 2021. For his stay in Rome, the actor from Istanbul has chosen an apartment overlooking the Colosseum, but this choice has had negative repercussions on his private life. In particular, very often, some of Can's fans have disturbed the privacy of their favorite, besieging the condominium and ringing, even at night, at Yaman's apartment. On Friday, November 12, Nicoletta Strazzeri, head of the actor's press office in Istanbul, wrote a letter to the fans of the protagonist of DayDreamer, asking them to let the actor live his life peacefully.

Can Yaman besieged by fans: Nicoletta Strazzeri writes a letter to the actor's fans
Can Yaman is very loved in our country and, since he lives in the center of Rome, his apartment is besieged by some fans who do not respect the privacy of the actor from Istanbul. Suffering incursions even at night, Nicoletta Strazzeri, who is the head of the press office representing Yaman, published a letter on social media, in which she addressed the people who disturb Can. In particular, Nicoletta stated: ''Dear ones, I am writing to you here as a woman to a woman. I have learned in these months to understand what it means to have sincere esteem and affection for an actor and all of you have managed to amaze me''.

Nicoletta Strazzeri asks fans to respect Can Yaman's privacy
Nicoletta Strazzeri has had a heart-to-heart with Can Yaman's fans who, more and more often, would spend time in front of the entry door of the actor's capital city apartment. In particular, the press office of the future Sandokan revealed that, unlike what used to happen in the past, that is, people would stay on the street, in front of the door, currently the situation would have changed.

In particular, Strazzeri revealed that some fans would go to Yaman's landing and, in case they found the outer door closed, they would ring the doorbell to their beloved's apartment, even at night.

Can Yaman has to rest at night and is disturbed: the words of Nicoletta Strazzeri
At the moment, Can Yaman is busy with the filming of Viola come il mare and gets up very early in the morning to go to the set.

As Strazzeri explained in her letter, the actor from Istanbul is very tired because of the work rhythms he is subjected to and, often, in the evening he has to study scripts and goes to bed early, even at 10 p.m. In this regard, Nicoletta asked fans of the DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno protagonist to identify with him when he is woken up by the intercom in the middle of the night. Moreover, Strazzeri stated, ''These manifestations do not mean affection, but intrusiveness.'' Can's press office has asked to respect the actor's privacy by no longer going to disturb Yaman's home. We just have to wait a while to find out if the fans will listen to Nicoletta Strazzeri's words or if the actor will be forced to change home.

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