Can Yaman surrounded by fans in his home, press office demands respect (Photo)

Can Yaman surrounded by fans in his home, press office demands respect (Photo)

Can Yaman's manager, Nicoletta Strazzeri, has published a message, via the press office profile, addressed to the Turkish actor's fans. The reason is the intrusiveness of his fans, who at any time of the day and night assault the house in Rome where Yaman lives with his friend Roberto Macellari, coming to call insistently if they find the door closed.

The post defending Can Yaman's privacy

Nicoletta Strazzeri is Can Yaman's manager. Through the social profile of her press office, she thought it appropriate to address a message to the actor's fans, inviting them to respect his privacy more.

Starting from the premise of appreciating the affection and generosity made of attention from the fans towards the Turkish actor, Strazzeri considered it her duty to invite Yaman's fans not to be found in front of the actor's house or, even, if the door was closed, not to call insistently at all hours of the day and night.

Can's work commitments hindered by the insistence of his fans

Yaman's manager continued her message, asking the fans to have respect for Can's countless work commitments that force him to work hard and get up early every morning, often going to sleep at 10pm. This is hindered by the constant intrusiveness at the hands of fans: 'Imagine coming home tired from work and finding someone on the landing when you get home or being woken up by the intercom late at night,' Strazzeri wrote.

'Encroachment, not affection'

The manager concluded the post, rightly believing that such manifestations by the actor's admirers would not be attributable to a healthy affection, but to an excessive intrusiveness against the privacy and personal spaces of the actor. Finally, he invited the fans to try to keep Yaman's love for Italy going, making him live peacefully.

Below is the full post from the press office:

The Turkish actor is currently busy, with Francesca Chillemi, with the shooting of Viola come il mare and from 2022 will begin shooting the international remake in a modern key of Sandokan, in which he will play the protagonist, alongside Luca Argentero, who will play the role of his best friend Yanez.

It is not yet clear who will be the female protagonist of the remake who will play Lady Marianne. Certainly, the countless work commitments need the right rest and privacy, outside of the set. "I'm sure you will understand my letter and spread this message," Strazzeri concluded.*

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