Chillemi publishes a photo of her partner: no flirtation with Yaman

Chillemi publishes a photo of her partner: no flirtation with Yaman

She has never expressed herself directly about the rumors of Gossip that in recent times have brought her into the picture but it seems clear that her latest gesture dispels any possible doubt. Francesca Chillemi has published in her Instagram Stories a snapshot in which appears her partner Stefano Rosso, her daughter Rania and her brother-in-law, all with a heart. The occasion to post the photo was born because of the birthday of Stefano's brother to whom the former Miss Italy has made the public wishes, but it seems to be a way to silence the rumor that saw her dangerously close to colleague Can Yaman.

The gossip about Francesca and Can

They are currently working on the set of 'Viola come il mare', a Lux Vide production, but a scoop launched a few days ago by the weekly magazine Chi suggested that between Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi there was something more than simple esteem between colleagues. The magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini had captured the Turkish actor who, well protected by a hood, left Francesca's house in Rome after a night spent under the same roof. In addition, the fact would be repeated a second time: needless to say that the gossip spread quickly on the web also triggering the indignation of some users who pointed out the lack of respect towards the former Miss Italy who is romantically involved.

Moreover, last weekend the two actors arrived together at the party organized in honor of Blanca, the new fiction that will be broadcast on Raiuno from November 22. In short, everything suggests that between Can and Francesca the harmony born on the ser was turning into something more. But today, with a simple gesture, Chillemi has silenced, or at least tried to, the gossip rumors that have overwhelmed not only her personally but also her partner.

A snapshot in which Stefano Rosso is present has dispelled any doubts: with the father of her daughter Rania, everything is going swimmingly.

Francesca engaged to Stefano Rosso

No flirtation with Can Yaman then: Francesca continues her relationship with Stefano with which she still has not contracted marriage, because she herself admitted some time ago that she does not have among her most imminent wedding plans as she already feels very happy for the arrival of her firstborn daughter who is already 5 years old.

Son of Renzo Rosso, founder of the brand Diesel, Stefano is engaged to Francesca since 2015. Evidently, the man is not afraid of gossip, sure of the love that binds him to Chillemi. For its part, Francesca does not seem willing to expose itself, at least for now, in a direct way with respect to such rumors. Can Yaman also preferred to remain silent: who knows if the Turkish actor in his first book, the release of which was recently announced on social media, will finally clarify his sentimental situation.

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