Elçin Sangu twice turned down the role of Defne in 'I rent you my love': who convinced her?

Elçin Sangu twice turned down the role of Defne in 'I rent you my love': who convinced her?

This evening you will be able to enjoy again the finale of one of the most popular Turkish romantic comedies in the world. Defne and Ömer's story comes to an end for the second time on Divinity and the designer is about to receive one of the best news from his girl...she's pregnant! But Elçin Sangu, the actress who made us fall in love with Defne's character, wasn't so convinced she wanted to embark on this project, which eventually turned out to be a smash hit. Sangu turned down the role twice, although she ended up changing her mind. Why did the actress refuse to participate in 'I rent you my love'?

The producer of the series had to convince her.

Elçin came a few days ago as a guest on 'İbrahim Selim ile Bu Gece' ('With İbrahim Selim tonight'), an interview show where the host asked her if before the very famous series started she expected it to be so successful. To the surprise of all the fans present there, the answer was not affirmative: "I turned down 'I rent you my love' twice. If Mrs. Ümrü hadn't convinced me, I wouldn't have been there".

And the producer's intervention was crucial for the actress to accept the role: "My child, what have you got to lose? You have very childlike energy. No one has seen this on the screen. Why so much drama? At least try this, so you will have tasted romantic comedies." These were the words that convinced Sangu to accept the role that would become the biggest success of her career.

The actress has gone back to her red hair.

If recently the actress was in the news for having dyed her hair blonde, now she is back to her natural color. In the same interview, Elçin confessed that the reason for this radical change, which divided her fans, was none other than the filming of her new project, a series she has starred with three other actresses. One of them is Ceren Moray. Unfortunately, the story has ended hastily and the actress has decided to return to the red hair that characterizes her so much.

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