Hande Erçel on the magic of her relationship with Kerem Bürsin: He really knows me, we understand each other without talking.

Hande Erçel on the magic of her relationship with Kerem Bürsin: He really knows me, we understand each other without talking.

Hande Erçel has been stringing together roles in Turkey's most popular soap operas for years. The actress has starred in Hayat: Love without words or Günesin Kizlari, which have taken her to the top of her country's television industry. In 2020, Love is in the air made the difference and moved her fame to a more international level. The actress has now stepped on the brakes and is in a moment of reflection. Without long shooting days or characters to concentrate on, Erçel is focusing on training her acting skills and improving her English, for which, according to Turkish media reports, she will move to the United States soon.

"In this state of rest, he has held an interview with InStyle Turkey, where he has been able to stop and reflect on the latest professional milestones experienced and some keys to his career. Of course, she talked about her relationship with Kerem Bürsin on the set of Love is in the air and defined him as a perfect partner, with whom she understood without words.

After spending a lot of time together, Kerem has become someone who really knows me. I'm very lucky to have a partner who knows me like that. After a while, we understood each other without needing to talk.

"Of course, it's reflected on the screen in some way. Our harmony as partners has an effect on the series. But I think the biggest reason why the series has been so successful is that it has been a project that the team has worked on sincerely, wholeheartedly, day and night," Erçel adds.

In 2020, she was elected the most beautiful woman in the world. She has received several awards for her beauty, is the image of several brands and is used to drawing attention to her physique, something that is not at all important to her. "Beauty is a relative concept. More than a person's aesthetics, what matters most to me is their state, attitude, their outlook on life and energy. I hope to see women from all walks of life being able to dress the way they want, in a physical shape that they feel good in, can go without makeup and not be judged by anyone," she tells in the interview.

The actress has 25 million followers on her Instagram account. Far from overwhelming her, Erçel uses it in favor of what she believes is right. "Social media is one of the most powerful tools we have right now. The high number of followers leads me to pay more attention and be more careful with each post," she confesses in the interview, "When my posts reach the necessary places and create support, touch someone's life and help them, that's the place where I feel the power of social media and fame."

No matter how much fame she has, no matter how many millions of followers cheer her on her Instagram profile and no matter how many good international offers she gets, the actress continues to keep her pillars in her closest environment. For her, her ultimate inspiration remains her mother, who passed away from cancer in early 2019.

"The woman who inspires me the most in the world is my mother. She is the one who always motivates me to be a better person. She is my biggest inspiration. I learned to stand on my own feet, to push myself, to love a lot, to give unconditionally, to work hard and to shine as if I work for her. I always try to make her proud and dedicate my achievements and happy moments to her," Erçel confessed emotionally.

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