Introverted, afraid of heights and a lover of literature: we meet Alp Navruz, from 'Ada masalı'.

Introverted, afraid of heights and a lover of literature: we meet Alp Navruz, from 'Ada masalı'.

We are getting to know Haziran and Poyraz, the main characters of 'Ada masalı: the tale of the island', better and better. They have just met and sparks are already flying between them. But what about the actors who play them? Poyraz is a man used to the quiet life on the island and Haziran's arrival has completely thrown him off. What is Alp Navruz like behind the scenes? It's time to get to know in-depth the Turkish actor, who we could already see on Divinity as Cenk in 'Don't let go of my hand'.

He loves literature and writing his own poems.
He was born on January 15, 1990 in Istanbul. Although he already became familiar with the world of acting at school, the truth is that at university he turned to his second great passion: writing. He studied Turkish Language and Literature at Yıldız University. And, in fact, this facet of the actor has helped him a lot in his interpretations when it comes to diction and analyzing scripts. Although it is a long-term project, he would like to publish his own book one day. If he had to choose only one book, What Men Live By?' by Leo Tolstoy would be the one.

His biggest fear, heights
In an interview for Kızlar Soruyor he confessed that his biggest fear has always been heights: 'When I'm on vacation and I see people going bungee jumping or skydiving, I want to do it too, but I can't.' However, it's not something that has stopped him from doing his job: "It hasn't affected my work so far although it will probably affect me in the future. But if I'm asked to do some character who likes to do risky things I'll probably turn it down."

He is introverted, does not like to mingle with people.
If there is something that is assumed of an actor is that they are daring or daring people. That is not the case with Alp, who carries his introversion and being cautious as a flag. "All my life I've preferred to be aloof, to watch from afar. I prefer to stay in my own safe space. People don't often understand not wanting to mingle with the crowd, but I think it's a choice and a way of life. Popularity is the consequence of my profession, but I don't deviate myself from my way of being," he confessed recently in an interview for GQ Türkiye. But does this affect his day-to-day life on the set? The actor is clear: "Being calm or introverted is not a disadvantage for me. On the contrary, it makes me more efficient at work."

He has also talked about his own caution when it comes to making decisions in his life: "My cautious side doesn't prevent me from making wrong decisions. On the contrary, sometimes the desire not to take too many risks can make you miss the opportunity to live experiences that you haven't lived before, good or bad. But being cautious makes me be more careful with my decisions, so I have learned not to regret the decisions I make".

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