Kerem Bürsin's meeting with his Spanish fans: tears, endless queues and thousands of euros to meet him

Kerem Bürsin's meeting with his Spanish fans: tears, endless queues and thousands of euros to meet him

It is still hard to believe that we had Kerem Bürsin himself with us. That we had him so close that Adolfo Rodriguez, our community manager, was able to have an exclusive meeting with him on the occasion of his visit to the Gran Canaria Swim Week. With him, he talked about his past, present, and future. How he went from being Margot Robbie's chauffeur to being a mass idol thanks to 'Love is in the air, the Turkish phenomenon that today at 19:00 pm comes to an end. But the important thing about that visit that paralyzed Spain was that he was able to meet his fans in person, that faithful audience of Divinity that every evening has been excited with him thanks to Serkan.

The video that opens this news is the tangible proof that an international star can also take care of the public that, as he himself acknowledged, has brought him to the place he occupies today. And it is well deserved.

Paying a thousand euros to travel from anywhere in the world to Gran Canaria to be with Kerem in this milestone for his career made perfect sense to some of the fans of 'Love is in the air' who formed endless queues at the doors of his hotel. The effort, nerves, and headaches were worth it when they saw him appear.

Spanish fans fall head over heels to meet Kerem Bürsin in person

Madrid, Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Valencia, and even the United Kingdom. The fans of our favorite Turkish heartthrob organized themselves so that his visit to Spain would be at his level. And they succeeded. Beyond hugging him and recognizing his work, their intention was that he did not go back to Turkey empty-handed.

A book with hundreds of dedications translated into English, a language that the actor speaks perfectly, was the star gift. But there was also a detail for Hande, his girl and co-star of the most successful series in the history of our grill. 

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