Klaus Davi writes to Can Yaman: Keep enjoying it while it lasts.

Klaus Davi writes to Can Yaman: Keep enjoying it while it lasts.


Dear Can Yaman,

I read the post published by your press office, the very authoritative Nicoletta Strazzeri. She talks about the intrusiveness of your fans towards you, fans who violate your privacy for too much love. In those few words is represented the effort of being a successful man. And you are, and how.

I've seen you on television many times because I follow "popular" TV which I love for its strong storytelling ability. But, honestly, I didn't realize you could have such strong issues.

Precisely because of the characteristics of your career - which I respect and whose results you have obtained with great commitment - I was convinced that your path to stardom was a downhill road helped by your professionalism, your humility, your self-denial and maturity. As well as an uncommon physical prowess, which doesn't hurt.

Now, this post leaves me completely dumbfounded, because it seems to disprove every belief I had about success: success is a rose full of thorns. Yikes. The post talks about fans on the landing. It says that after busy days on sets, your intrusive fans and admirers keep you from focusing on studying scripts.

If you think so, let's make a call to find a house with a concierge, and a dutiful janitor. Sure, Can, I'm kidding. But remember, as a man of experience, I wish you to enjoy this fame, including the rabid fans. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the list of the very famous, very chased, very adored in the past, who now live their daily lives without many fans around, is very long. Guys who are now enjoying the money they earned in homes where they don't see themselves too bothered.


Some names? Walter Nudo, who now prefers to be a mental coach. Costantino Vitagliano, who lives on Lake Garda and is a good deejay. Daniele Interrante, now an entrepreneur. Sandy Marton, will he still be in Ibiza? Milton Morales, handsome as hell, now a painter in Cuba...

In spite of your young age, I'm sure you remember how much they were idolized and chased by TV writers, popular magazines but also by the most authoritative daily press. Everyone was crazy about them. Now a little less.

Costantino Vitagliano was even a sociological phenomenon told in a book. Everybody followed him but - as said - now he does something else, and I don't think he has decided to deny his success since some time ago he has returned to a reality show like the Big Brother VIP.

Can Yaman dear, you'll get used to success and its not always pleasant declinations in terms of privacy, even if we Italians are exuberant, passionate, but I thought that Turkish people like you were too.


Alberto Sordi, who you will know was one of our greatest actors, used to leave the house two hours early because he knew that on the way he would be stopped a lot of times for his autograph. "But can't you do without these pain in the asses?" a snooty assistant asked him one day. He replied angrily: "No way, as long as they are there I will be there as an artist and you as an assistant. That's a success, baby.

So much for privacy! If it is respected, or rather ignored, it means that you are not interested and you are interested, fortunately for you, in millions of people. For someone who has consciously chosen to make a career in the show, business knows that the concept of privacy is very, very, relative and that if you want to assert yourself is a price you have to pay.

Thank fate for what it has given you: intelligence, beauty, charisma, talent. I wish you the most tortured privacy possible (without hysterical lunatics around, of course). For the happiness of your future works, which I am told are more than interesting, of those who love you, admirers included, and of your bank account I hope for you considerable.

By the way: send me an autographed photo of you, for the usual granddaughter who adores you.

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