Palermo, they block Can Yaman's car and open the door: 'Vomitous scenes'.

Palermo, they block Can Yaman's car and open the door: 'Vomitous scenes'.

Since he landed in Palermo to shoot the fiction "Viola come il mare", Can Yaman never misses an opportunity to show his availability to his fans. The Turkish actor lends himself willingly to selfies and autographs but sometimes some fans take advantage of his kindness. In the last few hours, an episode has happened that has infuriated the supporters of the sex symbol launched in Italy by the soap "Daydreamer - Le ali del Sogno".

As reported by a fan page and partially documented by a video shared on social networks, someone would have exceeded the limit coming to open the door of the car on which the actor was traveling. 

The driver honked his horn trying to get out of the way. The fan pages are circulating on social networks a message through which they express their indignation for the incident. From the video, for the record, it is not clear whether it was the actor or some overly passionate admirer who opened the door. Certainly, at a certain point, one can hear a not-very-elegant expression pronounced by a male voice.

 "Vomitous scenes"

"Forcefully open the door of a car to make him get off - reads the note that runs on social - get in the middle of the road to not let him pass and punch the hood, makes you rude, boorish, and bullies. We dissociate ourselves, as fans, from all the events that happened yesterday afternoon in Palermo. We ask for more respect for Can Yaman, as a person in the first place, who has every right to get out of the hotel without having to witness scenes extremely disgusting.

"More respect for Can Yaman"

This is not the first time that admirers and admirers of the Turkish star rise up. Already in recent days, in front of the scenes of collective hysteria that punctually occur in front of the hotel where he is staying, they had stressed the importance of respecting his privacy and understanding that in some moments Yaman can also go straight without necessarily stopping to say hello.

"You have to understand that he is a human as well."

"After a day he is tired", "Some fans were waiting for his arrival, he surely needs to rest. He is constantly working and dedicating hours and hours of photos and videos for all his fans but sometimes you have to understand that he is not just Can Yaman the actor but a human being", "Respect first of all. He's not on vacation, he's working, he needs to rest like all human beings", "A little understanding and respect. What the heck," some had written on social media.

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