Paola Ferrari: Diletta Leotta had never been with Can Yaman.

Paola Ferrari: Diletta Leotta had never been with Can Yaman.

Paola Ferrari, who in the past was not at all tender towards Diletta Leotta, seems to know a lot about the private life of the Sicilian presenter. During an intervention in the radio program "Un giorno da pecora" (A day like a sheep), the wife of Marco De Benedetti commented on the breakup between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman: "But Leotta has never been with the Turk, she has other loves that maybe she doesn't say". The question at this point arises spontaneously: how does she know? "And of course I know, but I can't say more...". Is she with a model? "Water, water...." Can you tell us what job Leotta's boyfriend would do? "Let's just say it's not in fashion but in sports...". "I saw her the other night with a very eye-catching look at San Siro, she was very pretty," he concludes.

Diletta Leotta: "With Can it was all very fast".
Since she hinted that it was over with Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta has once again ended up in the crosshairs of gossip. From time to time they attribute a new boyfriend to her. Yet two months ago at "Verissimo", she had made it clear that she was still in love with the Turkish sex symbol. "It was all very quick, very nice - she had declared - Beyond the screen, there is real life and that one was a little difficult to keep intimate - she explains - Dividing the person from the character was sometimes a little difficult. The thing I regretted the most was that some people said it was a scripted story. But why? Who is it that thinks love can be programmed, planned? Whoever thinks this doesn't know what love is. Because love happens to you, you can't decide when you fall in love. It happened to me to fall in love. I don't know if those who say these things have ever fallen in love".

"It had never happened to me before to lose my mind like that."
"I'm reading a beautiful book," she had added, "where she, the main character, says to him, 'When you really fall in love, you're the one who loses, you're the loser.' And it's true. I think I'm in love and I think that when you're in love a little bit you lose: you lose lucidity, you lose confidence, you lose your head, you lose control. These are things that have never happened to me until now. Sometimes you also lose love, this can also happen".

"Today Can and I are far apart, it's not an easy moment".
"If the story is over? It is not an easy moment, as can happen to all couples - he had concluded - But I do not know what will happen in the future. Since love and even life is unpredictable, you can not plan. Do I hope that we can start again? Yes, I hope that we can also find a balance in our daily lives. Even a balance with yourself, with myself, and then be able to give this balance also to the person you love. This is a moment of reflection that can do good, for me and also for Can. Today we are far away."

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