Paola Ferrari on Diletta Leotta: `She has another love that she never mentions'

Paola Ferrari on Diletta Leotta: `She has another love that she never mentions'

Diletta Leotta is again at the center of gossip: Paola Ferrari made some burning revelations about the love life of the DAZN journalist. In a radio interview for Rai Radio1 during the program 'Un giorno da pecora' (A day like a sheep), she never spared her colleague with her harsh words. It is well known that there is bad blood between the two: it is certainly not the first time that Ferrari hurls herself against the Catanese: Paola doesn't recognize her as a 'journalist', rather as a showgirl. It will be for this reason that the presenter, after expressing her opinion on Leotta's appearance, affirmed that she is aware that her new love is involved in sports, adding that there has never been anything with Can Yaman.

Leotta has never been with Can Yaman": Paola Ferrari's word

Just when it was rumored that Can Yaman was interested in a 25-year-old model, Maria Giovanna, Diletta Leotta's name was mentioned in the pink chronicle. Paola Ferrari, who has never made a mystery of not appreciating the "professionalism" of her colleague, thought of dropping the bomb about the sentimental life of the journalist. And so, after having defined as 'captivating' the look sported by the explosive Diletta at San Siro during the derby between Milan and Inter, Ferrari went on to make some unexpected revelations in the radio program conducted by Geppi Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro.

'With the Turkish, there has never been Leotta,' said Paola referring to the rumored relationship between Diletta and Can Yaman. She has another love that maybe she doesn't mention before,' Ferrari added. The latter then said she could not add anything else in this regard. But in reality, the sports program hostess said something more.

Ferrari: 'Diletta's new love? In the world of sport'

There had been talked of the closeness between Diletta and model Giacomo Cavalli, but for Paola Ferrari, he would not be the new love of her colleague. 'Let's just say it's not in fashion but in sports,' she said. In short, these are quite direct statements and you certainly can't say that the journalist is afraid to speak her mind. The fact is that now there are many who expect an equally direct reply from the Catanese.

Diletta has been targeted not only on the professional side but also and above all on the private life side. Will Paola Ferrari's revelations be true or will there be new twists in this regard? What is certain is that her words have inexorably turned the spotlight back on the life of the leading face of DAZN.

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