Tensions between former One Direction Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid after their story ends

Tensions between former One Direction Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid after their story ends

The end of the love story in a stormy way between former One direction Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid; her mom, Yolanda Hadid accuses Malik of assault.

The incident

Continue the rumors behind the couple composed of model Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik, the two after meeting in 2015 and became parents last year are still at loggerheads but apart from the breakup of the bond there is the accusation by the mother of the model to have been verbally and physically assaulted by Malik.

It seems that about a couple of weeks ago ( on September 29), while the model was out of the house, Yolanda's mother entered the couple's house in Pennsylvania and there was a discussion where Malik seems to have offended Yolanda Hadid in a quite heavy way, ordering her to stay away from her daughter and, at the end of this, Yolanda claims to have been pushed by the singer against a dresser causing her not only a psychological pain but also a physical one.

As a result of these hot tempers, it seems that Zayn has also attacked a security guard and has been obliged to complete a course on anger and the prohibition of contact with Yolanda and the guard. It seems that the woman has not yet filed a complaint to the police about the events that took place in the house but now she seems willing to do so.

This quarrel seems to have happened after the relationship was already over so it is not the reason for the breakup, more than anything else it could be the straw that broke the camel's back between the two ex-lovers.

The statements

To TMZ Zayn denies hitting what is now his former "mother-in-law" and hopes in the withdrawal of the accusations by the latter for the sake of the child, the singer is willing to clarification in a private way with Yolanda. However, he claims that the argument took place after Gigi's mom entered their house while the model was not there.

Moreover, on Twitter he posts a long outburst where he expresses his desire to raise his daughter in a safe, private, and healthy space where family problems are not put "in the public eye", the discussion that took place with the mother of his ex-partner had to remain confidential and be resolved in a private way to maintain a peaceful climate around the child and be a serene co-parent.

For Khai's good, he refuses to give details about the incident except for the fact that he absolutely did not hit Yolanda. The same Zayn always in the Twitter post declares his intent to remain vigilant and calm to protect Kahi in the hope that all the people involved in this affair can make peace to ensure their daughter a peaceful environment in which to grow up, a right that the child has a duty that he and model Gigi Hadid have as parents.

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