The disastrous audition that unexpectedly landed Kerem Bürsin his first Hollywood role

The disastrous audition that unexpectedly landed Kerem Bürsin his first Hollywood role

Kerem Bürsin must have done a lot of casting in his life, but none as disastrous as the first of them. In an interview with ELLE on the occasion of his visit to Spain, the actor has taken stock of his career, from his beginnings and the sign that made him not throw in the towel to the horrible test that, unexpectedly, led him to have his first role in Hollywood.

As Bürsin tells it, in one of his first casting he got everything wrong that could go wrong: he got nervous, he didn't remember a single line, he got angry... "There are usually fifty or a hundred people there waiting in line to get in. They give you two minutes to say your part and you leave. But that time there was nobody there. It was really weird. I walked into the room, the producers were there and I wanted to get it right but I couldn't," he recalls.

I forgot my text, every two lines I made a mistake. I asked for forgiveness and started again. I got super nervous and ended up kicking a chair and saying bad words. I left in a very bad way. And the amazing thing is that that same night Roger Corman called me and told me I was perfect for the part. Are you kidding me?

He didn't expect it, but something caught the attention of the producers, who called him that same night to turn him into Andy Flynn in Sharktopus, a Syfy TV Movie with many fans. Flynn is one of the expert sailors on a mission to hunt down a huge creature, half shark, half octopus, that threatens civilians.

His beginnings were not easy at all. As is always the case in these kinds of stories, he chained one precarious job after another while waiting for a sign that he had taken the right path. He declares that he is a great believer in these kinds of messages and that one morning when he was about to drop everything, he received what he expected. "I believe in signs from the universe. In messages that are there and we have to listen because they want to help you. When I lived in Los Angeles I went every day to a market near my house to buy breakfast before going to work and I would talk to Gloria, one of the sales clerks. One day I woke up with the decision to quit acting because nothing was working out for me and started looking for a serious job. I went to this store, as usual, and that day Gloria was not there. I was served by another girl I hadn't seen before and, as I was paying, she said, "You know, I think you should be an actor." And I thought, OK. I'll do it," he recalls.

Bürsin has always had a passion for the artistic world. As a teenager, he dreamed of making it in the music world. He had his own band and played concerts, but his family did not want him to choose that path. Still, the theater had a great impact on him and, despite his parents' wishes, he decided to follow his intuition.

"[Ever since he was a child] I wanted to be an actor. As a kid, I loved Jean-Claude Van Damme or Arnold Schwarzenegger's action stories and all those actors. It was a childhood dream. But, when I was in high school in Texas, I discovered theater and all the playwrights. I discovered what it was like to get into characters, to play different personalities, and I thought, 'I think I want to study this,'" says Bürsin. The actor recalls that he graduated to please his parents and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

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