Trailer for 'Mest-i Aşk' ('Drunk on Love'), Hande Erçel's debut feature film, now available.

Trailer for 'Mest-i Aşk' ('Drunk on Love'), Hande Erçel's debut feature film, now available.

Hande Erçel takes the big leap to the cinema. After triumphing on the small screen, the Love is in the air star is about to release her first film, which is titled Mest-i Aşk, or Drunk on Love internationally. The actress is making her debut with this Iran-Turkey co-production which will be released in 2021 if there is no delay. You can get a glimpse of her character and the rest of the cast in the newly released trailer above.

Drunk on Love is a 'biopic' centered on the poet Yalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, better known simply as Rumi. He was a religious scholar who had a great impact on Persian, Urdu and Turkish culture. After his death, his followers created the Mevleví Sufi order. Being such an influential figure, it is not surprising that they wanted to transfer his life to the big screen.

According to the official synopsis, the film focuses on Rumi's friendship with Shams Tabrizi. The two men had a very close relationship and Shams had a great influence on Rumi's life, his poetry and his love for God. 

Hande Erçel plays Kimia-Khatoon, Rumi's stepdaughter and Shams' lover. She is joined by actors such as Parsa Piruzfar and Shahab Hosseini, who bring to life the protagonists Rumi and Shams, respectively. Bensu Soral (Içerde: Nothing Is What It Seems), Boran Kuzum (Hakan, the Protector), Burak Tozkoparan (Paramparça: Crossed Lives) and Halit Ergenç (Vatanim Sensin) complete the cast.

The film is directed by director Hassan Fathi, who is also the film's screenwriter. The Iranian has extensive television experience having directed Shabe 10, Shahrzad and a large number of feature films for television. He has also directed the feature films Postchi se bar dar nemizanad and Yek rouz-e digar. He is known in his country for his good work with historical dramas, a quality for which they must have counted on him for Drunk on Love.

While waiting for the release of Mest-i Aşk, Erçel is preparing to continue her training as an actress. According to Turkish media reports, the actress and her partner Kerem Bürsin will soon move to the United States to grow professionally. She hopes to train further with an acting course and improve her English, as well as open the door to new job opportunities. Bürsin, who has grown up in the U.S. and has previously worked there, will carve out a new career path.

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