Yaman announces the release of his first book: 'I decided to tell you about myself'

Yaman announces the release of his first book: 'I decided to tell you about myself'

Can Yaman amazes once again his fans: the Turkish actor, through a video posted on his Instagram profile, has made known to those who follow him that the next November 30 in all bookstores will be released his first book. It will be a text in which Can speaks without filters, telling his truth. Just when the gossip exploded about a possible affair with his colleague Francesca Chillemi, who, nevertheless, has a partner, Can Yaman announced this big news that his followers welcomed with great joy.

Can Yaman tells his story 'without filters

For the first time, I have decided to tell you about myself. All the way, without filters. I want to tell you my truth', wrote Can on his Ig profile, accompanied by an evocative video in which the actor shows some moments of his day. From waking up, to reading a script, to a tour of the streets of Rome to the selfies that the Turkish star always takes: Yaman intends to tell his story in the first person, given that his private life in the last year has been put under the magnifying glass by gossip magazines.

It feels strange to me too,' is the title Can has chosen for the book, which marks another important milestone in the actor's career.

This is a wonderful gift for us," wrote a user to comment on the news. And on this tenor also attest the other messages of the followers who have shown even on this occasion all the affection possible to their favorite. Only a few days ago, the actor's manager had asked the somewhat intrusive fans to respect Yaman's privacy, but it seems that Can wants to share another part of his life with those who follow him. If the Turkish star will really exposes himself without 'filters', the book will contain many unpublished revelations.

Can Yaman between work and private life

Can's success arrived with Bitter Sweet but exploded with DayDreamer. The star, then, at the height of his popularity, began to come more and more often to Italy for work, but then to work interests were added sentimental ones.

More or less a year ago, Can started a relationship with Diletta Leotta. Everything was going well: despite the rumors that the two were close for popularity, the wedding proposal and the official presentations in the family had also arrived. Then something broke last summer.

Can engaged in the filming of 'Violet like the sea' was spotted in the company of a model, but according to Chi the actor's interest would be directed towards fellow set Francesca Chillemi. Everything, however, remains in the area of hypothesis, especially since the former Miss Italy has a small daughter and a stable companion. In any case, at the end of November, it will be Can himself to provide those who follow him with unpublished details of his life.

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