Can Yaman and Demet were more than just friends, the gossip comes from Italy.

Can Yaman and Demet were more than just friends, the gossip comes from Italy.

On Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, respectively Can and Sanem in the soap "Daydreamer - The Wings of Dream", rivers of ink have been spent. According to some indiscretions launched by the Turkish press, the two actors would have been in love both on the set and in life. Then their paths would have separated and to put an end to the relationship would have been Demet, fed up with the libertine soul of Can. 

The hope of the fans to see them together again is still alive, although at the moment it seems difficult since Yaman moved to Italy for work. Some even smelled a rat when in conjunction with Can Yaman's breakup with Diletta Leotta, Demet broke off her relationship with Oğuzhan Koç. For some people, this cannot be a simple coincidence. It has to be said that both actors have always denied having a liaison. "We are just friends. She on the set helped me a lot. We hope to work together again," Can Yaman said during an interview with "Verissimo".

The truth of Alessandro Rosica: "They were not just friends".

Who seems to know a lot about the matter is the gossiper Alessandro Rosica who shares his truth with followers of his account "Investigator Social". "I have always kept silent, just to deepen and to get really to the reality of the facts, so here you are... - begins in a long post - Can and Demet were not just friends, as they declared to the press for years, but a real couple with a relationship quite important. The two met on the set of Day Dreamer (Erkency Kus) in the summer of 2018, despite the fact that they were both engaged in other relationships. Theirs is an overwhelming passion, with a crazy chemistry that unites them, and that is also transmitted in the acting, in fact, the two actors themselves declare to the press that they have a feeling that they had never found with other actors, so as to reach an expression in the acting so natural to act by arm and following less the scripts."

"They were probably the right people at the wrong time."

"Problems arise after the series," he adds, "managers for professional reasons advise Can and Demet not to go out publicly as a couple and so they live their love secretly with ups and downs for about two years, until Can decides to undertake his film career in Italy and, perhaps like a straw that breaks the camel's back, the stress of being in hiding, Yaman's unruly lifestyle of nightclubs and socialites, not well received by Demet's family and Turkey itself with its ethical-religious restrictions, their story ends. The two split up for good in mid/late 2020, never losing sight of each other and still following each other on social networks. Unfortunately, today only a few shy greetings remain, and the future is totally uncertain, but one thing is for sure, the two have never forgotten each other and have never lost their mutual esteem, even if today the two have completely separate lives, in fact Can is single, as well as Demet, who, as we remember, is approached for business to the Turkish singer Oguzhan... probably they were the right people at the wrong time and place.

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