Can Yaman and Diletta, after the farewell she moves on: there is talk of flirtation with Giacomo Cavalli

Can Yaman and Diletta, after the farewell she moves on: there is talk of flirtation with Giacomo Cavalli

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta said goodbye for good and in recent weeks, both have returned to the center of gossip for their love lives. In particular, for Can, there was talk of an alleged flirtation with the actress Francesca Chillemi, with whom he is sharing the adventure on the set of the fiction "Viola come il mare", while Diletta is talking about a flirtation with the young model Giacomo Cavalli.

After the goodbye, Can Yaman and Diletta turn the page

In detail, after the official goodbye between Can and Diletta, she chose to tell the truth about the end of this love and she did it by telling herself in Silvia Toffanin's living room. He, on the other hand, has chosen to pursue the path of silence and has done so by concentrating only on his work aspect but, even in this case, there has been no lack of gossip.

Can, in fact, found himself on the front pages of weekly magazines for an alleged flirtation with his colleague Francesca Chillemi. The two were photographed a few weeks ago as they were leaving the actress' house, probably after they had spent some time together, alone.

The rumors of flirtation between Can Yaman and actress Francesca Chillemi

The gossip immediately exploded, also complicit in the fact that Francesca has a partner for quite some time and so many wondered what the truth of the matter was.At the moment, however, the two directly concerned have chosen to remain silent and not to comment on these gossip tidbits that concern them, going forward each on their own way.

A period decidedly full of commitments for the actor who, in addition to devote himself to the filming of Viola come il mare, has resumed training in view of the filming of Sandokan, the event series that will see him starring in the role of the "tiger of Malaysia".

At the same time, then, Can is also busy with the launch of his first autobiography where, for the first time, he will tell his story at 360 degrees and without filters.

New love for Diletta Leotta after Can: here's who it would be

As for the news about Diletta Leotta's love life, the latest gossip comes from the pages of the weekly magazine "Diva e Donna". Apparently, in fact, even the sports presenter would be able to move on permanently and would have done so with the model Giacomo Cavalli.

"New love for Diletta Leotta. He is Giacomo Cavalli and he is a model: with him she forgets Can Yaman", writes the gossip magazine that gives almost for sure the new relationship of the presenter, symbol face of Dazn. Also in this case, however, Diletta prefers not to pronounce and for the moment there are no confirmations on the new relationship.

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