Can Yaman and Diletta, after the goodbye, the hypothesis of C'è posta per te pops up but Rosica denies it

Can Yaman and Diletta, after the goodbye, the hypothesis of C'è posta per te pops up but Rosica denies it

Diletta Leotta asks for help to C'è posta per te to try to recover her relationship with Can Yaman after the end of their love? This is the indiscretion that has been circulating for a few days with on the web and on social networks. It is now several months that the relationship between Can and the sportscaster has finally come to an end and from that moment on the two have never been back together, preferring to take two completely different paths.

The goodbye between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta

In detail, since last August, Can and Diletta no longer appeared as a couple on social networks and were no longer seen together. The two chose to put an end to this relationship and the confirmation came a few weeks later from the sportswoman who, in tears at Verissimo, admitted that her relationship with the Turkish star had officially come to an end.

On that occasion, however, Diletta had not hidden the fact that the door of her heart was still open, and in this way, she had not excluded a priori a possible return of flame. From that moment on, however, there has never been any kind of rapprochement between the two: the paparazzi have never caught the couple together again and it seemed clear that they had taken two completely different paths.

C'è posta per te 2022, Diletta Leotta sends mail to Can Yaman?

The twist, however, came in the last few hours, when rumors spread about a possible participation of Can and Diletta in the next edition of C'è posta per te 2022, scheduled from January 8 on Canale 5. It was rumored that the conductor, face symbol of Dazn, had asked for help to the people show of the feelings of Maria De Filippi to try to break through and win back the heart of the Turkish star, who has passionate millions of viewers with his popular TV series.

But what is the truth of the facts? Did Diletta really ask C'è posta per te for help by sending "the mail" to Can Yaman to have a confrontation on television?

Rosica's truth about Can and Diletta together on C'è posta per te

This indiscretion has been widely denied by the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who on social networks was one of the first to give the news of the end of this relationship. Well, Rosica had no problem denying this indiscretion, confirming that Can and Diletta will not be on C'è posta per te 2022 to make up.

"Super mega fake news," wrote the gossip expert on social, thus silencing all the rumors of these hours on the account of the two protagonists of the gossip of this summer, which now travel on two totally different roads.

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