Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, backstage after flirtation rumors: 'She in crisis with her partner'

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, backstage after flirtation rumors: 'She in crisis with her partner'

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi continue to be at the center of attention not only for the new work project that will see them starring in a fiction on Canale 5 but also for the rumors of alleged flirtation that concern them. In the last few weeks, in fact, the two actors were photographed by the photographers of the magazine "Chi" while they were leaving the home of Francesca Chillemi, both super-dressed not to be recognized. Well, according to the latest backstage reported by the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, this situation would have caused a crisis between the actress and her partner.

Rumors of flirtation between Can Yaman and the actress Chillemi

In detail, a few weeks ago, the weekly magazine directed by Signorini published some hot images of Can Yaman caught while he was moving away from Francesca Chillemi's Roman apartment.

According to the Gossip magazine, the two spent a weekend together, alone, also due to the fact that Francesca Chillemi's partner was in Milan with their daughter. The rumors of a presumed flirtation between Can and Francesca Chillemi were immediately followed and, in recent weeks, the two have chosen not to further fuel the gossip, preferring to pursue the path of silence.

The backstory on Francesca Chillemi after the paparazzi with Can Yaman

Both the Turkish actor and the former Miss Italy have not confirmed but neither denied the scoop and the photos of the paparazzi of the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini. Apparently, however, Francesca Chillemi would have found herself having to deal with a crisis that would have affected her relationship with her partner Stefano Rosso.

It is always the weekly magazine "Chi" to report new behind-the-scenes on this situation, making known that after those images that testified the secret meeting between Can and Francesca, the actress would be found to spend a moment of "strong crisis" with his partner.

Talk of 'strong crisis' between Francesca Chillemi and her partner: 'fault' of Can Yaman

In the end, however, despite the doubts, Stefano Rosso would have chosen to believe the version of facts told by Francesca Chillemi and for the moment between the two would have returned again the serenity and harmony of the past. "In the family, however, there are those who ruminate heavily against Chillemi," still writes the weekly alluding to the fact that Stefano Rosso's family members would not have liked the photos of this paparazzi that saw the former Miss Italy starring alongside the well-known Turkish actor Can Yaman, who has bewitched the Italian fans.

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