Can Yaman and Tommaso Paradiso, it's war | They contend for her

Can Yaman and Tommaso Paradiso, it's war | They contend for her

Two handsome guys facing each other this time: Can Yaman and Tommaso Paradiso. On the one hand, we have the turbo actor symbol of the new generation Turkish soap and on the other one of the most loved and esteemed singers of the modern music scene. But what are these two beloved ones contending for? Yep...just her!

Two artists, Tommaso Paradiso and Can Yaman are very different from each other. Both fascinating, but if on the one hand Can is the typical handsome guy, with a sculptural and well-groomed body, on the other hand, Tommaso is a more introspective guy, a philosopher in his soul. The two compete for what for many is an unattainable goal.

Can Yaman and Tommaso Paradiso: one against the other, here's what they contend for

Turkish actor Can Yaman and Italian singer Tommaso Paradiso apparently have nothing in common, apart from the fact that they both like young people a lot. And it is precisely for this reason that they find themselves competing against each other for the conduction of the Sanremo Festival.

After the formulation of the official team of singers in the competition - 25 competitors - completed with the victory of Yaman, Tananai, and Matteo Romano at Sanremo Giovani, everything else remains to be decided. Who will be the conductors who will flank Amadeus and who will be the guests. But above all, will Fiorello be there? Roberto Benigni could arrive on the big stage. But it is on the co-hosts that circulate more rumors.

Can or Tommaso: who will win?

The name of Simona Ventura, Miriam Leone, and Alessia Marcuzzi have been mentioned, but today we are talking about them, the former leader of Thegiornalisti and the king of Turkish fiction for young people, Can Yaman, who became known in our country thanks to the story as long as true with the beautiful Diletta Leotta. However, the name of Loredana Bertè has also been mentioned, as well as Marcell Jacobs, the 100-meter Olympic champion. In short, the list is very long and Ama is unlikely to unbutton it before time.

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