Can Yaman between Francesca Chillemi and Stefano Rosso

Can Yaman between Francesca Chillemi and Stefano Rosso

They don't want to confirm or deny the persistent rumors that want them closer and closer: Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman continue to shoot the fiction that has them as protagonists ("Viola come il mare", ed), with the paparazzi always on their heels. But they flaunt calm. Even if for the Sicilian actress the situation is not all roses and flowers. After the photos of last month in which the two came out of her Roman home all wrapped up not to be recognized, Francesca has found herself having to deal with a crisis with his partner, Stefano Rosso, son of the patron of Diesel and father of his only daughter Rania, 5 years.

The crisis of Francesca with his partner Stefano Rosso because of Can Yaman

According to what was published by the weekly magazine "Chi" Stefano would not have taken the photos well and it would have resulted in a strong crisis with his partner.  In the end, however, despite the doubts, Stefano Rosso would have chosen to believe the version of the facts told by Francesca Chillemi and for the moment between the two would have returned again the serenity and harmony of the past.

"In the family, however, there are those who ruminate heavily against Chillemi", still writes the weekly alluding to the fact that Stefano Rosso's family members would not have liked the photos of this paparazzi that saw the former Miss Italy starring alongside the well-known Turkish actor Can Yaman

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