Can Yaman: mystery about where he spent Christmas, silence on social media for days

Can Yaman: mystery about where he spent Christmas, silence on social media for days

Can Yaman has ended up at the center of Gossip in recent days because of his disappearance from social. In fact, for some time, the Turkish actor is no longer sharing any clue on his Instagram account, to make it clear where he is. In this regard, even on Christmas Day, Can did not post any stories to show if he was in Rome, if he left for Turkey or went to some other destination to spend the holidays. In the meantime, it would appear that Yaman is tired of living near the Colosseum and is looking for a home somewhere quieter and in the suburbs.

Can Yaman doesn't share his private life with fans since a few days

Can Yaman has always been very private about his private life. Since he started living in Italy, however, the Istanbul-based actor seemed to have become more open with his followers and had started posting Instagram stories with shots and videos of his everyday life. In fact, while he was engaged to Diletta Leotta, the DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno star had shared a few pictures with his partner and some videos. What did the future Sandokan do at Christmas? Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no clues or rumors about where Can Yaman spent the holidays and, indeed, recently there have been rumors about his imminent transfer.

Can Yaman would be looking for a house in the suburbs

In the last few days, in fact, Alessandro Rosica has clarified what is happening to the actor from Istanbul. In this regard, the gossip expert said that Yaman would no longer live in the Roman apartment overlooking the Colosseum. Rosica stated that, according to him, the protagonist of Viola come il mare would be looking for a home in the suburbs and far from the center of the capital.

Where is Can Yaman now? Has the future Sandokan already moved into his new home? Based on the Turkish actor's social stories, no details have yet emerged about where he spent Christmas and it is unclear if, at the moment, the Mr. Wrong protagonist is in Italy.

Can Yaman is silent on social media and would need privacy

The only things that are certain at the moment are that Can is keeping quiet on social media and would not be informing his followers about his whereabouts. In fact, the Istanbul-based actor hasn't shared any posts on Instagram since December 18, while he's only posting videos and shots pertaining to his work projects in his social stories. Will the DayDreamer star really be annoyed by the intrusiveness of some fans under his house at the Colosseum and will he have decided to move away from the center of Rome? We just have to wait for more information to find out what happened to Can Yaman.

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