Can Yaman untraceable ? Where does the Turkish actor celebrate Christmas?

Can Yaman untraceable ? Where does the Turkish actor celebrate Christmas?

A certain Alessandro Rosica, expert connoisseur and divulger of "gossip and 100% real news about VIPs" as he himself declares, makes it known that Can Yaman has been untraceable for days and is not in his Roman home near the Colosseum. The social investigator also offers a reason: the Turkish actor would be tired of being stalked by paparazzi and of having too exuberant fans under his house. Now that he has become very famous in Italy and will become even more so with the fiction Viola come il mare on air in the coming months on Canale 5 and with the new version of Sandokan which will soon begin filming for a future airing on Rai1, Yaman seems to have no peace for the constant siege of followers and could choose to go and live in a less central area of Rome.

Can Yaman "not be found"?

In short, the actor would be untraceable. For whom? Certainly not for the people for whom he doesn't want to be. But, beyond this presumed "untraceability" otherwise known as "right to privacy", today is December 25. Isn't it legitimate for Yaman to have dropped off the radar for a few days of vacation? Or to spend Christmas with his loved ones in Turkey? It is entirely likely that this is the case, as any of us would do. Should Yaman perhaps announce his "absences" with a press release? Or account for everyone on Instagram where he is, who he is with, and what he is doing? Drum roll...the answer is no. Below is a video of Yaman from a week ago made for a commercial partnership.

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