When does Viola Come il mare with Can Yaman start: it will air on Fridays in March 2022

When does Viola Come il mare with Can Yaman start: it will air on Fridays in March 2022

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi are busy with the latest filming of Viola come il mare in Palermo. In spite of the recent gossip, the two of them appear to be increasingly complicit on the set and in the breaks between one scene and another. The new TV series of Canale 5 weblog Luxvide will air next year, in March and presumably on Friday in March 2022.

When the airing of Viola come il mare starts

The Italian crime series Viola come il mare, awaited by the fans of the Turkish actor Can Yaman, its main protagonist, will be broadcast starting from March 2022.

Filming is, in fact, nearing completion. The TV series will be broadcast on Canale 5 and as the other Mediaset fiction will be aired presumably on Fridays. This is a TV series that arouses a lot of curiosity in Yaman's fans, especially after the gossip rumors about the Turkish actor and Francesca Chillemi, which have yet to be confirmed or denied by those directly involved. Moreover, this is the first TV series in which we will see the Turkish actor acting in Italian.

The plot and the protagonists

Viola come il mare is inspired by the novel "Conosci l'estate?" by Simona Tanzini. The protagonists are Viola (played by Francesca Chillemi) and Francesco Demir (Can Yaman). The scenes are shot in Palermo.

Viola is a journalist with two particular characteristics: a neurodegenerative disease, which she has learned to control and manage, and synesthesia. The latter makes her associate each person to a specific color, by which the journalist is strongly influenced.

Francesco Demir is a policeman who investigates a case with Viola's help.

Viola nicknames Demir "Zelig" because the color she associates with him is iridescent. Viola's sensations and perceptions, consequent to her synesthesia, are translated by Francesco into reality: this leads them to develop a very close relationship. Specifically, the case on which the two investigate is the murder of a twenty-year-old girl by strangulation, of which the popular singer-songwriter from Palermo, Zefir, is accused.

How many episodes does the TV series with Can Yaman consist of?

Viola come il mare consists of eight episodes, each fifty minutes long. Two episodes will be broadcasted per evening, for a total of four appointments. In particular, the first two episodes will be broadcast on Friday, March 4, and the last two on Friday, March 25.

This is the third TV series that will be broadcast on Mediaset in 2022. In fact, the airing of "Più forti del destino" starring Laura Chiatti is scheduled to start on January 22, and then "Fosca" starring Vanessa Incontrada and Francesco Arca will be broadcast.

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