Yaman and Chillemi, her partner allegedly passed photos with actor, not the family

Yaman and Chillemi, her partner allegedly passed photos with actor, not the family

Chi is back to take care of the complicity between Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman, which according to a Gossip launched's magazine a few weeks ago would have gone beyond the professional relationship. This time, the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini focused on Stefano Rosso, the partner of the former Miss Italia and father of her's daughter Rania. As you can read in the "Pillole di gossip", the son of the patron of Diesel would have decided to put a stone on the compromising photos published by the same newspaper, in which you see the Turkish actor leave the Roman home of Francesca after a night spent under the same roof, something that was repeated a second time. The Rosso family, on the other hand, would not yet have overcome the thorny issue.

The Rosso family 'noises heavily' against Francesca

If Francesca and Stefano seem to have returned to serenity, after the turmoil brought about by the photos that shed light on a possible flirtation between Chillemi and her set partner Can Yaman, it the entrepreneur's family does not seem to have buried the subject at all. According to the indiscretion there is "heavy noise" against the former Miss Italy actress. The gossip that has invested the couple would not have pleased at all to the Red, who would have avoided the whole issue more because they would like to. The magazine, for the moment, does not report further details on the air that is breathed in Francesca's house, but it because it is not excluded that it will do so in future issues.

Meanwhile, some time ago, just the actress has posted a photo on Instagram with her partner, little Rania, and brother-in-law on the occasion of the latter's birthday. Most have interpreted this gesture as a way to silence the gossip, but it is clear that it was not enough. In the meantime, Can and Francesca continue to work on the set of the fiction that sees them as protagonists and that will probably be aired in spring 2022.

The growing complicity between Francesca and Can

Ever since they started working together, the complicity between Can and Francesca has been immediately palpable. The trip of the two in Palermo, always to complete the filming of Viola come il mare, has joined even more the two, who on that occasion have also indulged in a dinner together, documented by social photos.

To complicate the situation came the photos stolen from the weekly magazine that have made known to readers of two nights spent in the house of Francesca, where then Can went away in the morning well covered almost to go unnoticed.

Who knows if now Francesca will decide to expose themselves in person to silence these new rumors about his private sphere. Certainly, the press never misses the attention on every woman who has to do with Yaman, a sign of the great interest of the fans around the figure of the Turk not only for what concerns his work, but also his love life.

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