Yaman and Ozdemir, Rosica: 'Love of about two years, they never forgot each other.

Yaman and Ozdemir, Rosica: 'Love of about two years, they never forgot each other.

Turkish actors Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir have reached - in recent years - millions of viewers in various countries around the world thanks to their roles as Can Divit and Sanem in the TV series Erkenci Kus (aired under the title DayDreamer in Italy).

Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica has dealt with them several times and his latest indiscretion - published on Instagram on Sunday, December 5 - concerns their alleged love story, always denied by the two. According to Rosica, in the past, the two would have really been together, hiding however from the public by choice of the managers.

But then they would have ended their story last year, due to the Turkish actor's move to Rome for work reasons.

Alessandro Rosica's indiscretion on Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir: 'They weren't just friends, they were a real couple'

Alessandro Rosica revealed a scoop on Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, publishing a long post on Instagram: "Can and Demet were not just friends, as they have been declaring themselves to the press for years, but a real couple with a pretty important relationship."

Rosica, then, focused on why the two Turkish actors have kept their story hidden and the causes of the breakup. In fact, according to Alessandro: "the managers, for professional reasons, advised Can and Demet not to go out publicly as a couple and therefore they lived their love secretly with ups and downs for about two years", until Yaman decided to undertake his film career in Italy.

Rosica hypothesizes that the story ended because of "the stress of being in hiding, Yaman's unruly lifestyle of clubbing and socializing, which was not well received by Demet's family and by the ethical-religious mindset of Turkey itself.

According to this reconstruction, the two actors split up for good in mid/late 2020, but they never lost sight of each other and still follow each other on social networks.

Yaman and Ozdemir's relationship today, according to Rosica

Alessandro Rosica concluded his post, talking about the current relationship of Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir: "Unfortunately, today there are only a few shy greetings and the future is totally uncertain, but one thing is for sure, the two have never forgotten each other and have never lost their mutual esteem, even if today the two have completely separate lives. In fact, Can is single as well as Demet, who we remember is approached for business to the Turkish singer Oguzhan. They were probably the right people in the wrong place at the wrong time".

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