Yaman besieged by fans: according to Rosica he would have abandoned his home in Rome

Yaman besieged by fans: according to Rosica he would have abandoned his home in Rome

Can Yaman would feel under pressure, so as to have been forced to run away from his Roman home that is located near the Colosseum: this is what he said on his Instagram profile Alessandro Rosica. The Gossip expert said with certainty that the Turkish actor for days would be untraceable and the reason for his disappearance would be linked to the constant presence of his fans who, too often, wait for him under the house to ask for a selfie or an autograph. A presence that has become too cumbersome in the last period so that even his manager, some time ago, was forced to take action to invite followers to respect the privacy of those fans.

The Turkish actor 'followed' by the fans

Can would not be able to manage in a serene way the insistence of his most fierce fans. Rosica, who first launched the news of the black crisis that is going through the couple composed of Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, very often deals with the star of DayDreamer and this time he said that reliable sources would have informed him of Yaman's intention to leave his home in Rome to look for another one. The sex-symbol currently resides near the Colosseum, but the fact of being in such a central area would have made him more easily "traceable" by his fans who never tire of waiting for him at home. Even someone, more brazen, would have even rung his intercom in the middle of the night, according to what was reported a short time ago by his manager.

In order to find some privacy, Can has been "untraceable" for several days, according to Rosica, who will certainly continue to follow the events of the actor. On the other hand, the journalist has always given juicy information about Yaman's love life. The growing popularity of the Istanbul-born actor, who for some time now has been living in Italy for work, has subjected him to media attention that at times has been very insistent. Can's life is under a magnifying glass: his fans follow his every step with extreme attention and, at the same time, newspapers always keep an eye on him.

Can in search of privacy

It must be for this reason that Can has decided to get away from it all. The news that he would be looking for a house in a quieter area of Rome is all to be verified, but if in the past the actor has had to deal with the intrusiveness of the supporters we can swear that if he really had to move this time will be very careful not to reveal on social media his new residence. Meanwhile, after the alleged flirtation with colleague Francesca Chillemi, from the side related to his love life everything is silent.

Is Can single or mindful of the "paparazzi" with Diletta Leotta is only paying more attention? Both hypotheses are plausible, but it cannot be excluded that new juicy revelations about the actor may soon arrive. It is rumored, in fact, of his possible participation in Sanremo 2022.

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