Alp Navruz confirms his relationship with Ayça Ayşin Turan, his partner in 'Ada Masalı': We are happy.

Alp Navruz confirms his relationship with Ayça Ayşin Turan, his partner in 'Ada Masalı': We are happy.

After months of rumors and after playing a game of misdirection with the press, Alp Navruz has confirmed his relationship with Ayça Ayşin Turan, his co-star in 'Ada Masalı: The Tale of the Island'. The confession has revolutionized fans, who had been waiting for this moment since they saw the chemistry between the two on the small screen.  

Although up until a few hours ago the couple dodged questions and assured that between them there was only a beautiful friendship, finally the actor has decided to go a step further and talk openly about his love story with the actress. "Really, so many things are written... that Ayça and I are surprised to read it. We established a good friendship and then we started something more. Our relationship is going well and we are happy," confessed the Turkish actor.

The one who has not yet pronounced herself on the matter is the actress, who has kept silent about the unilateral confirmation made by her boyfriend. At the moment, his words are the only statements made by the couple, who have not spoken about it on social networks, where they have not wanted to share any image together in recent hours.

The photo that triggered the rumors

Despite their silence since yesterday and during the last few months, the couple was responsible for fueling the rumors in September when both shared the same image on their Instagram profiles. In a coordinated action, the actors made their followers go crazy with an image in which they appeared together, hugging and very smiling. Of course, the couple was very careful not to accompany the image with any comment that would expose their romance but preferred to play a game of misdirection by accompanying the image with two hashtags #poyhaz (a ship name of Poyraz and Haziran, the names of their characters) as well as #adamasalı.

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