Barış Arduç explains why it took him so long to marry his wife: Marriage is not children's game.

Barış Arduç explains why it took him so long to marry his wife: Marriage is not children's game.

Barış Arduç is taking 'Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu', the new historical series he stars in Turkey which is, in turn, a spin-off of 'Uyanıs Büyük Selçuklu', starring Buğra Gülsoy ('Love at Second Sight') and which also got great ratings. So much is the success that the protagonist of 'I rent you my love' is reaping, the magazine Hello! Turkey has chosen him to be the cover of the last issue of the year, a special in which he talked about his past, his perception of today's society and the long-awaited decision to marry his partner, Gupse Özay.

It took him six years to marry his fiancée

Despite their relationship being one of the most stable in the industry, Barış and Gupse like to keep details private. Since they coincided in the same project in 2014, a crush emerged that still lasts to this day, but not without having been subjected to thousands of comments on social networks. Some of them wondering why they have taken so long to take the step and get married, which they finally did in the summer of 2020 with very few guests. In this interview the actor makes clear his opinion on the matter.

"We have been intending to get married for a long time, but marriage is not a game of children. Our idea was to focus on our careers. I understand that families want to have a wedding photo in their wallet, but that shouldn't be the only reason to get married. Neither Gupse nor I wanted to mess it up by doing it in a hurry. Besides, I don't think we took too long, in fact, we got married as soon as we found a suitable time during the pandemic. And I'm so glad we got married," the actor said emphatically.

He has become calmer over the years

Another aspect he reflects on in this latest issue of Hello! is his maturity over the years: "I used to be much more impulsive and didn't care about anything as long as I pursued the truth I believed in. I didn't listen to anyone. That's no longer the case. I am not indifferent to the opinions of people, family and friends in my close circle. Also, I think that changing houses too much in my childhood made me live in tension. I felt more relieved when I settled in one particular place."

He doesn't like technologies

Being part of a series set in the 10th century has given him perspective on the 21st century. Not only does he dislike the society we have become, but he prefers past centuries: "Despite the devastating wars and people dealing with hunger, the past appeals to me more. I also miss my childhood in the 1990s. I don't like the speed and hustle and bustle of the digital age. Time flies when I have a cell phone in my hand."

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