Burak Özçivit states that the incident with the team was due to lack of security: It was their duty to protect me.

Burak Özçivit states that the incident with the team was due to lack of security: It was their duty to protect me.

A month after the lawsuit that several co-workers (three-camera assistants and a director of photography) sued Burak Özcivit for allegedly uttering serious insults against them on the set of 'Kuruluş: Osman', the project in which the unforgettable Kemal from 'Kara Sevda' is currently immersed, the actor has already sat in the dock during the hearing that took place at the Third Criminal Court of First Instance of Beykoz. 

According to several Turkish media, Burak Özçivit, for whom the prosecution is seeking four years and one month, and his lawyer Serkan Toper attended the hearing. There the actor came face to face with the complainants, Okan Ş., Mehmet Burak K., and Atakan Ö. and their lawyer Yunus Gümüş, who were also present at the hearing, which the press could not attend by order of the judge.

The statement of Burak Özcivit

Burak Özçivit explained in front of the judge that during the filming he fell from the horse up to three times due to the fact that due precautions were not taken, which led to an argument with one of the supervisors, but that in no case did he utter any insult against the crew.

As detailed by the actor in front of the judge, the incident occurred due to the lack of security and that this was the reason for the clash with the director. "I have a great responsibility because I am the protagonist. If something happens to me, we can't continue," recounted the actor, who detailed the conversation that took place with the director. "When I asked him where he was he told me that he was blocking on the road so that no cars would pass and no sound would be heard. I told him that his duty was definitely not to block the road but to protect me. He was also hard on me and told me that I couldn't tell him what to do. Our voices were raised. After this incident, I left the set and took a break. No insults ensued. The next day, we continued on the set as if nothing had happened," said the actor, who has assured that after the complaint, the complainants demanded an exorbitant price in the reconciliation phase, which he did not accept and which has motivated the trial, in which he affirmed that he accepts voluntary work for public benefit as a sentence.

The version of the plaintiffs, very different from that of the plaintiff, was also heard by the judge in the courtroom. According to them, Özcivit came out of his tent in anger, stood in front of the set manager at a distance of half a meter, and cursed. He then turned around in the presence of 150 people, cursing everyone, and walked away from the set. Shortly thereafter he returned and repeated the same curses. According to the four plaintiffs, after the incident, they waited for an apology from the performer, who merely made excuses for his behavior.

Burak Özcivit defended himself against the accusations in a statement.

According to reports, during the hearing Burak Özcivit defended his innocence. An innocence that he already defended through a statement released by his lawyer at the end of November. "The complainants abused their constitutional right to file a complaint. As a result of fictitious claims presented to the judicial authorities, astronomical amounts were demanded from the client. When these demands were not met, my client's reputation was attacked with false statements to the public," explained the actor's lawyer, who insisted on his client's innocence. "Abuse of the right to complain are actions aimed at humiliating the person with unjust behavior knowing his innocence and obtaining unjust benefits. We firmly believe that the truth will emerge in the trial," the lawyer of the 'Kara Sevda' star concluded.

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