Can Yaman committed to Sandokan from June, Bernabei: 'We will be filming in Thailand and the Philippines'.

Can Yaman committed to Sandokan from June, Bernabei: 'We will be filming in Thailand and the Philippines'.

Can Yaman has been training for months to play the role of Sandokan in the best possible way. After an initial stop of the project related to the remake of the TV series that brought Kabir Bedi to success, Luca Bernabei has announced that the shooting of the fiction will start in June. During a recent interview, the producer explained that the scenes will be shot abroad, in Asia, specifically in Thailand and the Philippines, starting in June.

Can Yaman in the role of Sandokan starting in June

It seems now official the date of commencement of filming of Sandokan. The producer has broken the silence. During an interview, Luca Bernabei explained that the cast will be moving abroad in a few months to shoot the scenes. Can Yaman will be the protagonist and, next to him, there will be an actress who will play the role of Marianne but, at the moment, the identity of the Istanbul actor's partner has not yet been revealed. The TV producer also confirmed that from June, filming will begin in Asia.

Can Yaman in Thailand and Philippines for Sandokan from June

In 2021, Can Yaman moved to Italy and, after initially living in hotels, spent the months in the capital, in an apartment near the Colosseum. Since a few days, the Turkish actor has disappeared from social networks and, according to rumors leaked on the net, it would seem that, due to the onslaught of fans near his home in the center of Rome, he is looking for a quieter accommodation.

According to what Bernabei said, however, it would seem that soon, the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno will have to go to Asia. In this regard, Luca said: "June 2022. We will be shooting in Thailand and the Philippines. In addition, the producer revealed that due to the health situation, filming will not be able to be done in Malaysia.

Can Yaman starring in Sandokan and Marianne

Luca Bernabei also revealed a backstory on the title of the new television series starring Yaman. In fact, the remake of the fiction that brought success to Kabir Bedi in the 70s, will not only be titled Sandokan, but Sandokan and Marianne. The television series will consist of 8 episodes of 50 minutes each and, according to Bernabei, will be Lux Vide's most expensive production.

At the moment, the actor from Istanbul has not yet made any statements regarding the start of filming, scheduled for June, but over the last few months, he has dedicated most of his time to training in order to best interpret the role of Sandokan. We just have to wait a few months to find out more details about Can Yaman's trip to Asia.

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