De Cecco still on air with testimonial Claudia Gerini and Can Yaman

De Cecco still on air with testimonial Claudia Gerini and Can Yaman

The historic pasta factory from Abruzzo is back on the screens of the most important national and satellite broadcasters with the first two episodes of its "advertising saga": the protagonists are Claudia Gerini and Can Yaman, directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, to tell the virtues and secrets of a Superior Quality Pasta.

In the first episode, shot in a Roman restaurant, Gerini and her friends can't wait to taste a tasty carbonara with De Cecco's Spaghettoni Grandi No. 414. At the moment of ordering Claudia meets the gaze of the charming Turkish actor sitting at the next table and with a nice game of winks, even for him and his guest is immediately carbonara De Cecco. This is what reports.

Gerini, an expert on De Cecco pasta, accompanies diners and spectators into the beating heart of the pasta factory to explain the "secrets" for the production of real quality pasta. The selection of the best Italian and world durum wheat and the slow drying process are two of the crucial steps of an ancient method that is handed down with rigor and passion, because it guarantees a pasta that preserves the nutritional properties of the precious raw material, resulting in a fragrant and always al dente pasta when cooked.

De Cecco's is a centuries-old story that challenges time. The world-famous pasta is produced at the foot of the Maiella, a UNESCO World Heritage Geopark. The "De Cecco Method" is the secret of an orientation towards excellence that is based on the constant search for quality at every step of the process.

It all begins in the fields, where the best grains are selected in the Italian and foreign supply chains following strict protocols that provide for rigorous quality parameters. Then they are evaluated through strict controls at the internal laboratory and at accredited external bodies, to ensure maximum healthiness and compliance with the highest quality standards.

This valuable raw material is sent to the milling process which takes place at the mill owned by the company, in Fara San Martino which, using technologically advanced criteria, still operates according to the ancient milling art handed down from father to son since 1831, the year in which the historic "Molino De Cecco" was founded. The product of the milling process is a high quality, coarse grain semolina, obtained with low extraction yields and only from the noblest part of the wheat. The latter is mixed with cold mountain water at a temperature below 15°C. Coarse-grained semolina and cold water temperature are fundamental parameters to allow the development of a strong gluten that will give the pasta the right tenacity and a perfect hold during cooking. The rough drawing will give the ideal porosity to capture any sauce.

The second episode of the advertising campaign opens on the fantastic view of Trinità dei Monti, where Can is jogging, but just then Claudia with a video call invites him to lunch for a delicious and healthy dish of De Cecco wholemeal pasta, ideal for those who, like Can, want to keep fit without sacrificing taste.

In fact, this pasta stands out for being naturally rich in fiber, holding its cooking perfectly, and for its intense aroma with no bitter taste, synonymous with the Slow Drying process, a prerogative of the De Cecco Method, which keeps alive the precious wheat germ.

The two testimonials, with their friendliness, charm, and talent, help to describe all the characteristics that make De Cecco pasta unique, different from others, and "so good". There is only one De Cecco is more than a slogan, it is the essence of an Italian production company that has always chosen to follow the vocation of Quality without compromise, strictly!

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