Demet Özdemir, backstage: chosen for Disney series after Hande Erçel's rejection

Demet Özdemir, backstage: chosen for Disney series after Hande Erçel's rejection

Rumors continue to leak on the net about the new series of Disney Plus, which should see among the protagonists Demet Özdemir and Kerem Bürsin. The rumors, however, do not concern the production of the television series, but some background concerning the casting. In fact, according to Turkish media, Demet would not have been the first choice of the production. Hande Erçel would have been chosen instead, but it seems that she would have refused the part because of some scenes in the script that she didn't like.

The new Disney Plus project starring Demet Özdemir and Kerem Bürsin

The Disney Plus project in Turkey is making a lot of noise, especially because it involves " la crème de la crème " of the world's most successful dizi of recent years, namely Can Yaman, Demet Özdemir, Kerem Bürsin, and Hande Erçel. Just about the latter, in the last hours, is circulating an indiscretion. Turkish portal Birsen Altuntaş, which specializes in TV series, has spread a rumor about the actress's rejection for a part in a TV series that should air on the digital platform.

Since Disney Plus decided to debut in the Turkish market, it has been asking major production companies to come up with ideas for new series.

Among these, MF Production was apparently asked to produce the series "Dünya'yla Benim Aramda" ("Between the world and me", editor's note). Apparently last week there was also a meeting with the three possible protagonists of the series, namely Demet Özdemir, Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan. Apparently, however, the plans were initially quite different.

Hande Erçel reportedly turned down a part in 'Dünya'yla Benim Aramda'

When the production company started casting for "Dünya'yla Benim Aramda," it seems that they had chosen Hande Erçel and Buğra Gülsoy for the lead roles. However, the actress, after reading the script, would not be inclined to accept the part, as the script would include a "very ambitious" love scene.

There was no way to change the script, as screenwriter Pınar Bulut chose not to remove that part from the script. So the production decided to change the main roles, casting Demet Özdemir and Neslihan Atagül for the female ones. As for the two male protagonists, at the moment Kerem Bürsin would be the only certainty, while negotiations are going on for the other actor. Meanwhile it seems that the set will be set up soon, in fact the production should start shooting around March.

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